When you raise your own pork you respect every bit of the pig.  From pig’s ears to its tail you don’t waste any part of your precious pig.  Pork cheeks are the slip of meat in the hollow just below the eye.   Cooked slowly it becomes meltingly, incredibly tender.  The meat dark as night.   A generous lashing of sherry.  A dash or two of sweet smoked paprika and cumin.  Onion, garlic and carrots – all  combine to add delicious layers of flavour. The sauce becomes so incredibly rich one wants to ladle it lavishly over creamy mashed potatoes.   Pork cheeks simmers away in this flavourful sauce for a few hours filling your kitchen with their delicious aroma.

Pork cheeks are an economical cut and should be available at your butcher.  You may have to order it in advance but it is so worth the wait.  Slip into my kitchen for the recipe for BRAISED PORK CHEEKS.


5 thoughts on “BRAISED PORK CHEEKS

    • Gayle, I was reading on line of a chap who found pork cheeks (he was mad for them) at such a ridiculously low price I bought 25 pounds. That is a lot of delicious eating. This off-cut of pork requires hours of slow cooking but the rewards are wonderful.

    • If I inspire you in the kitchen that is truly your gift to me. It is a this love of cooking for friends and family that really counts. Not the cooking to impress but cooking to nurture your family and friends. Bon Apptit dear Resa.

  1. I have never heard of port cheeks but they sound delicious. Sometimes those odd cuts of meat that require longer cooking are the best. I found one of Mrs. Butterworth’s recipes for tenderloin that I found today. We visited my sister and brother-in-law this weekend and they gave us some pork steaks and port tenderloin so I will try her recipe. Love the old photo! Those were they days when people could sit on the running board or fender for photos.

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