THE UMBRELLAS OF PARIS . . . revisited.


One shouldn’t take an umbrella to Paris.


I tell you about shopping for the most perfect umbrella in my following blog, THE UMBRELLAS OF PARIS.    More revisiting the past!

(painting  – Paris Street Rainy Day, Gustave Caillbatte)


8 thoughts on “THE UMBRELLAS OF PARIS . . . revisited.

  1. It is always a pleasure and adventure to revisit your posts! I like that your blog had a slightly different look almost every time. We are expecting rain tonight and for the next few days and all I have is an ugly old one that is wearing out. I vow to get a new one that would be fit for Paris! What beautiful memories of you and your daughter in your special city!

    • It’s rather like visiting with “old friends”. I had forgotten about the Paris cook jar until Theadora reminded me that is where our friendship started. And dear Jo Nell – it is your blog that has led me to what I hope is my final choice for Bel’s new look. Thank you for your inspiration. XX Virginia

  2. My dear Virginia,
    I watched the movie “Sabrina” … again… a couple of nights ago. She says … never take an umbrella or briefcase to Paris…. Sabrina says many wonderful things about Paris, as do you! xoxo
    PS Loving the new blog theme!

    • Sabrina .. again. Of course. I am sure I have watched it more than five times. Perhaps ten. Oh my how I love the good black and white flicks. So glad you like the new theme Resa. I rather wanted my blog to look like a glossy expensive magazine. You know the kind. Where you close your eyes and dream of simply walking into the page. xoxo Virginia

  3. Dear Virginia, Love the journey. Love the painting. A few years ago, I got to spend time with it at the Art Institute of Chicago. It was great fun to see folks interact with it! Many portraits were taken! And yes, your site’s new glossy look is fabulous and glamorous, too. ~Theadora

    • Oh my apple pie Bel is delighted. I have spent hours and hours searching for my new look. It was rather like taking apparel in a dressing room in search of the perfect dress. XX OO V.

  4. Bel! First of all, love the new layout! I don’t know how long you’ve had it, I’ve been absentee for awhile and for that I apologize.

    Yes, the first thing I thought when I saw “one must not bring an umbrella to Paris” was the film “Sabrina.” I believe the sentiment was conveyed in the Harrison Ford/Julia Ormond/Greg Kinnear remake…not the Bogie/Audrey Hepburn original. Is it a universal sentiment in Paris that one should just suck it up and get water-logged?

    • Dear la dauphiine, It never rains in Paris. Ones umbrella is a fashion accessories – plumage one might say. A parasol to wave away pigeons and handsome suiters. Or to attract depending on your mood that day. My parasol is a creation of watered magenta silk. Edged with tiny ruffles. The handle the intricate carved head of a lion. (I am a leo) Thank you for appreciating the new layout. It is only a couple of weeks old. Now I’m off to order in both movies and immense myself once more in Sabrina.

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