One should always take an umbrella to Paris.

We didn’t.  Instead we shopped Madeline Gely,  Paris’s oldest umbrella shop.   If you are going to carry an umbrella let it be a gorgeous handmade umbrella from this shop in the 6th Arrondissement.  A French man invented the umbrella back in the early 1700’s.  They were outrageously expensive.   Every extravagantly attired  man and woman simply had to carry one, even if it wasn’t raining.

It was the fabulous Theadora and her blog   PEOPLE, PLACES AND BLING  that brought back sweet  memories of Paris, and shopping for an umbrella with my daughter.   You’ll find Theadora’s  history of the French umbrella fascinating reading.   It will give you your daily Paris fix.  Who says you have to let a smile be your umbrella.  Not Theadora.


11 thoughts on “THE UMBRELLAS OF PARIS

  1. Hi Virginia
    My friend and I were both given an umbrella from this store too. Mine was fuscia and hers was grey. They had parrot heads with emerald jewelled eyes. They were gorgeous. I called mine the George umbrella, because that is who gave it to us.

    We were so pleased with our gift and strolled farther down the street to sip espresso and munch a croissant on the terrace in front of Les Deux Magots and watch the birds nibble crumbs and interesting people walk by.

    We had a chance to use our new umbrellas in front of the Musee D’Orsay later that morning; I have to say my fuscia brolly looked amazing against the watered grey of the building and the day and Mary’s grey one enhanced the scene.

    Years later I left George in the back of a London cab and on my next visit to Paris, purchased a replacement which I still own.

    Like the story of the Red Violin, I hope my lost George umbrella has found an appreciative home and a new name.
    xo pat

  2. Oh, I love the photograph! Beautiful shot! As you know, I now obsessed with umbrellas and umbrella shops. Head over heels! The Madeleine Gély shop is a favorite. Did you make a purchase? For the love of Mary Poppins, did you catch a glimpse of the flying parapluies on the roof? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Theadora (Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it.)

    • Oh yes we admired the flying parapluies on the roof and after cruising the store seriously considered a walking stick. Oh, so much eye candy. We decided on a deep, deep purple umbrella with an elegant ivory handle. We shared the umbrella all our days in Paris. Now it spreads its magic in daughter’s Toronto home.

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