CREME BRULEE . . . the perfect dessert to compliment a very French dinner.


Crème Brûlée is like Coco Chanel’s little black dress.  Perfection in its simplicity.  Perfection in its execution.   Designed to impress but not to over-power.   Always in good taste.  And the memorable ending to any dinner.

If you only make one dessert in your life – make it crème brûlée and make it yours.  My new recipe is similar to the dessert we served in our restaurant ROXY’S BISTRO, but I have simplified it and made it practically fool-proof.

Generally I make the classic version – with vanilla.  Or,  feeling creative I’ll poke around in the drinks cupboard and use cognac or Grand Marnier as the flavouring.    One can even put a generous dab of jam in the bottom of the ramekins before you pour your custard.  Like Chanel’s little black dress – the possibilities of changing this recipe are endless.

This recipe contains only three ingredients – eggs, cream, sugar and flavouring.  It takes just a few minutes to whip up then into the oven it goes.

Put on your apron and come into MRS BUTTERFINGERS kitchen and make CRÈME BRÛLÉE.




13 thoughts on “CREME BRULEE . . . the perfect dessert to compliment a very French dinner.

  1. As usual you make it sound as simple as choosing that little black dress! This is one of Son’s favorite desserts but I have never attempted it and am grateful when I find it on the menu at a restaurant. Yours looks perfect! Lucky Roxy patrons!

    • Jo Nell you absolutely owe it to your son to make this. I insist. He will love you forever (well, we know he already does) but it is absolutely goof proof. Just don’t answer the phone when you are caramelizing the sugar. It must be watched. It’s just eggs and cream and sugar.. what have you got to loose dear girl. Bon Appetit, Virginia XXOO

      • Thank you for the encouragement! He would be impressed if he came home for a visit and this was dessert. Perhaps…eggs, cream and sugar…I could experiment and make it for Husband…he will eat anything I cook and not complain…nothing to lose.

  2. I love the little black dress. Mini and Maxi. I love the Crème Brûlée. Your top shot is gorgeous, Virginia! Say, do you have other LBD-worthy recipes? It’d make an AB FAB book.

    (I’ve always enjoyed the Crème Brûlée cameo in the “Amélie” movie! I’ll dig up a link.)

    Enjoy the day!

    • The LBD-recipes tumble out of my mind on to a plate. It has been my theory there are 12 recipes that if one perfects them – that is all that is required to give you a reputation of a stellar cook. These recipes are simple but as we know the simplest things can be the most difficult to achieve.
      The flowers in the banner top phonograph are a hostess gift from my sister-in-law. Creme Brulee was the very French dessert for the very French dinner.
      May you week be wonderful!
      Hugs, Virginia

    • It is mine too, Resa. I love the contrast of the silky smooth sweet custard and the crisp burnt sugar topping. I always have whipping cream in the fridge so I am never at a loss if I want to make a great dessert. Think how good it is for you … all those eggs and cream. XX Virginia

  3. We recently went to a dinner party and this was the dessert; it was delicious! I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever make though, so I’ll just enjoy it when someone else is the cook. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, Virginia! ♥

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