Of all the one dish meals I make this one is hands done my absolute favorite.   It is this recipe for ROASTED VEGETABLE AND CHICKEN POT PIE I go to when I really want to wow family and friends.  It tells them how important they are to me.

The secret is the way the vegetables are prepared.    They  are roasted deeply golden and take on a sweet caramelized flavour.  They colour and flavour the glorious, rich  sauce .  The sauce seductively cloaks the succulent chicken.  Then the buttery, crisp puff pastry sublimely tops everything .

You can assemble the pie (except for the crust) ahead of time.  This makes it the perfect entertaining dish.  For large groups the recipe is easily doubled and baked in two dishes.  This is a stellar one dish wonder.  It takes chicken pot pie to delicious new heights.     The puff pastry is courtesy the frozen food counter so how deliciously easy is that.  Comfort food at its finest.  Pop over to MRS BUTTERFINGERS kitchen for   ROAST CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE POT PIE



  1. Quelle création gastronomique magnificant! This recipe is so incredible! Your photographs made me drool onto the keyboard! that roux poured over the chicken almost stopped my heart. You have taken a simple, kind of bla dish, and turned it into an extravagant delight. I cannot wait to make this. Thank you Virginia, you take our humdrum lives and add such sparkle to them! XXXOOO

    • Tin Man, this is an outstanding dish. You’re right about most recipes for chicken pot pie – cooked vegetables, poached chicken blah blah blah. Now this is a recipe for the stout at heart. I had posted it before but this one is a shade different and I tried to make it encouragingly easy. I so want everyone to make it and take the kudos and bows. V.

    • Yes Ginny my dear friend. This could be totally vegetarian. The puff pastry crust takes it to new flavour heights and makes you want to nibble and nibble away until it has disappeared.

    • Oh dear – I hope I will not become responsible for causing a malfunction with your computer. I will must admit, Lauren, I love this dish and find any excuse to make it. XXOO Virginia

      • No, you are not responsible for other bloggers reactions, so don’t fret! 🙂 But, it does look yummy, so I’ll have to add this to my list of new recipes to try! xoxoxo

        By the way, the keyboard still works fine! 🙂

    • I became the queen of roasting EVERYTHING when we first moved into our farm home. The stove had two ovens and the second oven was so close to the top of the stove I couldn’t even fit a pasta pot on it. It really is amazing what you can roast – but not lettuce Celi. XX V.

  2. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! I like making chicken pot pie but mine is truly boring compared to yours. And I love one dish meals that leave more time for guests. Your photos make us smell your dishes!

    • I always felt chicken pot pie was a little pale. I wanted it to BEYOND THE PALE. This recipe really ups the ante. I am lavish with everything … including the cream. Why Not Jo Nell?

  3. When I read this recipe I knew I had to try it…Wow it is outstanding. Thank you for sharing it. It turned out perfectly and will become a new family favorite. 😍😍😍

  4. Your two sisters have decided you are going to make this for dinner. We think it would be the perfect dish when we holiday together at Lake Waskesui.

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