THE CHAIR THAT WANTED TO BE SOMETHING ELSE . . . and how it became a garden show.


“Excuse me, Miss Virginia.  I would like to discuss my future with you,” said the sewing room chair.  “I’ve become rather shabby.  I’m a boring office chair, and my striped seat really doesn’t go with this room.  You’ve taken the chair you found by the side of the road  and turned it into a Belle Epoque creation.     The two sofas you slip covered  in white linen.   Not  to mention the side chairs you painted and upholstered  and now they look like something from a Russian Winter Palace.”

“Do you have something in mind?” asked the magic seamstress.

“The Chelsea Flower Show.” replied the dissatisfied  chair.  “Outrageous flowers.  Gorgeous roses and daisies and violets and buttons.  I want to be noticed, not neglected”.


The seamstress took her silver scissors and  silver pins.  Unrolled the Chelsea Flower Show fabric.    Sniped and fitted.   Cut and sewed.  Pleated and hemmed.


She tugged and smoothed and pulled the slip cover over the quiet chair.  It was covered in roses in every colour.  There were daises.  And something blue.    It was an old English country house chair.  It was a Chelsea Flower Show creation.


The chair turned to her.

“Thank you Miss Virginia.  It’s perfect.  It is all I imagined.  I am the Chelsea Flower Show.  But, I have to ask you one question.  Does this cover make me look fat?”

“No my darling chair.  It doesn’t make you look fat.  It’s perfect”.

(For those who don’t believe in fairy tales, the chair required two yards of material.   The pattern is one I adapted from Simplicity patterns. The vintage fabric is by the English company  SANDERSON.



13 thoughts on “THE CHAIR THAT WANTED TO BE SOMETHING ELSE . . . and how it became a garden show.

    • Do you have a project in mind, Gayle? My cupboard of fabric is constantly calling my name, but getting a project started is not always easy. Good luck. XX Virginia

    • The office chair was pretty chuffed when I put the slip cover on her. She did think she looked quite posh, but a tad worried that it made her hips look large. She thanks you very much for the compliments!

  1. When I saw the title of this post in my e-mail box, I knew it had to be one of your posts. What a beautiful transformation! She looks lovely! In the past I have recovered two of my grandparents’ chairs but now I don’t even have a sewing machine. She looks elegant! The right outfit makes all the difference.

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