There are kitchen tips you just don’t read about in a recipe book.  The kind of knowledge that makes life easier in the kitchen.  They are meant to be shared .  Rather a pass this on – it actually works!  I am sharing with you a new tip on  reheating pizza and thawing meat.

Pizza lovers are just that.  Lovers of pizza.  Pizza hot.  Pizza cold.  Pizza in the middle of the night.  Pizza at picnics.  Pizza and old movies.  Everything goes with pizza.

We  loved pizza so much that we opened a pizzeria.  PASSIONATE PIZZA introduced artisan pizza to Vancouver many years ago.    It garnered lots of kudos including Best Pizza in the Pacific North West, and Best Pizza in Vancouver.    We’ve retired from all that but we still make Passionate Pizza’s at home at least once a week.  We always make enough to have left over the next day.  Our recipe for pizza is on our food blog, MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.

This is how  my new method to re-heat left over pizza works.  Preheat your oven to 300F.   Put your left over pizza on a baking sheet or a large pizza pan.  Cover it tightly with plastic wrap tucking it under the crust.    Put your pizza in.  IMMEDIATELY turn the oven off!!  Leave in the oven for about 10 minutes or until it hot.  Remove the plastic wrap and voila!  You pizza is ready.  (The plastic wrap will not melt – just remember to TURN THE OVEN OFF.)

This new and improved method leaves the interior of the crust soft, the cheese melty, and the toppings and bottom hot and crisp but not dehydrated. It is also important  to  store your left over pizza correctly –  carefully wrapped with plastic wrap.    So now I’ve spilled the beans on reheating your leftover pizza get busy and make pizza tonight, and eat left overs tomorrow.

To defrost meat – wrap loosely with wax paper, parchment paper or plastic wrap. Place the meat on a metal surface – either a skillet or a cast iron fry pan.  Turn every 20 – 30  minutes or so until thawed.  Refrigerate meat until needed.  This works best with flat cuts of meat such as steaks and chops.  I’ve even defrosted bacon this way.   Don’t use this method with ground meat.

Just don’t forget about your meat and leave it out too long  .Always practice food-safe when handling meat to avoid cross-contamination.  Wash your hands well, and scrub any surfaces that come in contact with raw meat.



    • When something works so wonderfully well I simply must share it. You would have been in good company. Our humble little pizzeria fed some amazing people. Some customers ate our pizza 3 and 4 times a week. We still remember what they ordered. One couple who were weekly regulars got engaged in P.P. We put the diamond ring in nest of basil in the centre of the pizza. She was shrieking with delight – it was completely unexpected. We loved our customers.

  1. P lease delete my comment this without a connection . This my computer something is not good , the comment should be like this.” I love a good pizza , mmm . This looks nice and smells even to behold me. You and your family I wish all the best” acknowledge this my apology!Thank you

  2. This look so tempting, Virginia! We’re hoping to possibly make it to Vancouver in the coming weeks. (We’re refreshing our batteries following all the road-tripping we’ve done this past month.) Do you have any recommendations for other fun eateries in Vancouver?

    • Tricia I am making a list. When are you arriving in Vancouver? Do you know anyone here? We would like to drive you two around the beautiful high spots here. Do you have a list of must sees? How long are you staying? Do you get the sense I’m excited? Virginia

  3. Virginia, that’s so very kind of you to offer to be our driving guides – thank you – I think it could be really, really fun!
    We don’t have any plans set, after having driven about 5,000 miles this past month. For the moment, we’re relaxing with family and avoiding much car time. We did, however, think it’d be fun to see Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Aside from my cousin, who lives in Seattle, we don’t have any family in the other spots. I will definitely keep you posted as our plans develop. How fun!

    • Hi Tricia, my daughter-in-law, who’s very up on places to eat in Vancouver, his compiled a interesting list of restaurants. What is the best way to forward this information to you? Cheers Virginia

  4. I worked in vancouver for a little while years ago when i was working for a film company from london. We shot interiors there for about 6 weeks and it rained for 4 and a half of those weeks.. we LIVED on pizza. And then ate it cold.. now i know how to reheat it!! excellent advice. hope you are well and having fun.. celi

    • Celi I am fabulous. And I am having fun. Tomorrow Good Husband and I are going into The Big Smoke to be tourists. We lived in Vancouver for years, just above Granville Island. We enjoy going back for a city fix. V.

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