In my  large repertoire of soups there are several that I return to time and again.   Heading the list is this sublime, exotic tasting soup.  It is not complicated to prepare but has such outstanding addictive flavours and textures it is a wonderful dish to serve to family and friends.   The title tells it all.   Red curry paste and turmeric combine to give it exceptional flavour.  The red lentils cook away  to thicken the soup to an almost stew-like consistency.    You can prepare it several hours ahead by refrigerating the soup after you have simmered the vegetables in the chicken stock.  Then about half an hour before serving reheating the soup and adding the chicken and sweet potatoes.   We know dishes like this taste even better for the resting time.

Tasting is important when you are cooking.  Not just at the end of the preparation of a dish but also while you are cooking it.  When I suggest two to four teaspoons of red curry paste, for example, start with the lesser amount  then taste to check the flavour.  Salt is an ingredient in a recipe.  It should be added while you cook, not at the end.  Again it is all about tasting, tasting, tasting.  I keep a container of oversized soup spoons by the stove.  You need to taste a generous amount of what you are cooking.

Like most recipes you cook over and over again improvements in ingredients and methods change a little. I have made this soup/stew for you before but this is the updated recipe for   RED CURRY CHICKEN SOUP WITH LENTILS AND TURMERIC.


  1. Perfect with some thick and hardy homemade bread! I agree that tasting as you go is essential. The colors of the soup are tempting but I would not have thought of sweet potatoes in soup. Cheers, Virginia!

    • Yes yes dear Jo Nell. HOME MADE BREAD. Lar is putting some in the oven as I write. There’s left over soup (my favorite kind) and we will devour it with his bread. XX Virginia

  2. Lovey, I love pumpkin, butternut squash or sweet potatoes with curry so very much. I can just imagine the beautiful fragrances wafting from the kitchen as we sit in the living room sipping some bubbly and eating the cheese puffs as the soup simmers on the stove. Laughing and sharing our lives.

    • Laughing and sharing our lives is what it is all about. For me there is no finer gift than to cook food to nourish the body and soul of friends and family. As I wrote to Jo Nell, the Lar baked bread this afternoon. There’s soup left from last night’s supper. It’s very cold and rainy. We’ll dine in front of the fire tonight. I’ve set two extra chairs beside the fireplace. One for you, Tinny and one for smiling August.

    • “Looks good enough to eat” is a wise saying when one is cooking. I love that this soup recipe has so much eye appeal and even more flavour. It has that WOW factor, something sadly missing from many dishes. Bon Appetit Karen”!

  3. We don’t have any really good Asian restaurants in our town. This recipe satisfies my longing for exotic food.

  4. I’ll just leave out the chicken! Love lentils, a lot. Although, it will be almost another month until I’m back in Toronto & cooking! I’m still in Ottawa shooting a series for CBC! Take care! xoxo

    • The flavour will still be wonderful, even without the chicken. Resa, dear girl, we are planning on a holiday trip to Toronto… probably September. Will keep you informed. XX Virginia

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