There are those who believe it is written in stone  you absolutely must cook your pasta in plenty of generously  salted water.   There is an alternative to this boiling  of water and using a colander to strain your pasta.    It makes easy one-dish pasta creations with minimum kitchen prep and cleanup .  This cooking method is perfect for summer camping  or anytime you have limited stove top space.

You can adept most recipes (including the following  MRS BUTTERFINGER’S  Bacon and Tomato Penne)  by eliminating the pot of boiling water altogether.  You simply combine pasta, liquids and aromatics in one pan.  The pasta will cook al dente as the liquids, aided by the starches in the pasta reduce into a creamy sauce.

You start with a large high-sided sauté pan and prepare your sauce mixture.   Be sure you have a generous amount of liquid – at least 4 cups.  You  can augment the sauce by  using chicken stock, milk , vegetable stock, strained tomatoes and even water.   Prepare your sauce.   Add the pasta and bring it  to the boil and simmer vigorously for around ten minutes or until pasta is done, stirring occasionally.   Stir in your finishing ingredients such as kale,  fresh herbs, olives , capers, Parmesan cheese and freshly ground black pepper and toss to combine.

Experiment and find which of your favorite pasta dishes work the best  with this easy  method of  cooking .  Bon Appetit!


17 thoughts on “ONE POT PASTA COOKING!

    • You are a clever Cornelia. These are the little things that make such a difference in the taste of the food you are preparing. In our French restaurant NOTHING was thrown away. The kitchen stockpot was always simmering away and everything that wasn’t destined for the classic stocks went into this pot. It was mostly used for soups. It was full of flavour and very nourishing. I hope you had a splendid weekend. XX Virginia

      • Thank you Virginia the beautiful. Oh nothing goes to waste. Recently I made poached salmon for friends coming from Germany, the broth was to delicious to throw out, so next day I made Thai Shrimp soup out of the broth, since it was made with lemon grass, fresh ginger, garlic, herbs , curry leaves an fresh turmeric and some more. Just adding a bit of coconut paste and fresh cilantro it turned out deliciously.

  1. I’m jotting down your instructions, Virginia. Fabulous One Pot Pasta cooking tip! (And I also love, love your new banner. It looks like a still life painting. The color of the strawberries really pops. Lovely basket. Lovely hat.) Enjoy the week! Theadora

    • My Italian friends are turning over in their pasta pots! But it does work for
      pasta creations with lots of wonderful sauce. Merci Merci about my banner. I slipped out to the garden to get a few onions and carrots and I spotted the ripe strawberries. I took my sun hat off and used it as a strawberry container. It was one of those serendipitous moments, Miss Teddy. XX Virginia

  2. This is a wonderful post! I have done this…but was sort of ashamed to admit I didn’t boil the pasta- 🙂 and it worked!! Thank you for giving us ‘closet non-pasta cookers’ permission- love your blog!

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