The weather report says temperatures in Toronto are going to hit 40°Celsius (with humidity) today.      The really cool dudes, the hipsters – those so cool they never say cool hang out in the second coolest street in the world – Queen Street West.  Little has changed on Queen Street West since  Vogue Magazine called it the second hottest street world wide . Read about it in my following reblog  QUEEN STREET WEST . . . SECOND COOLEST NEIGHBOUR HOOD IN THE WORLD


Sadly my favorite coffee hangout Clafouti has disappeared.  However, we aficionados  of Trinity Bellwood sip our coffee  a block or so away  at The Lucky Penny Café – General Store.


The Lucky Penny sits quietly on the corner of Shaw Street right across from the Artscape Youngplace.  Away from the hurly-burly of Queen Street we  sip our café lattes, catch a few rays on the patio,  then stroll across the street to the 100-year-old school building that is now Artscape ,  in search of budding Picasso’s.

Toronto is all about neighborhoods like Trinity Bellwood .  This is the fabric, the warp and weft, that binds Toronto together.



  1. The Lucky Penny! Jotting down names and addresses, Virginia! Adding the “Coolest Street in the World” to my must-see Toronto list. I just did some google research. It looks like Bata Shoe Museum is about 12 minutes away. (Lovely nod to the neighborhood, Virginia!!) ~Theadora

    • Dear Miss T. Walking into the Bata Shoe Museum (for women like us) is like walking into shoe heaven. Trinty Bellwood is a great neighborhood – no chain stores – lots of charming shops and small restaurants. The locals like it that way and picketed Starbucks when they dared to open on West Queen West St. XXX Virginia

      • Creating a must-see list! And there’s also the Royal Ontario Museum. They have one of Marie Antoinette’s dresses. I love the Bata Shoe Museum. They have a very interesting and active FB page. Love their catalogs, too. Thanks for the travel tips, Virginia!! T.

    • Heading to Toronto in a few weeks. I have a list of shopping to do … for beautiful ribbons .. and beautiful hand made paper. Those are items I shop for on West Queen West. I am so fortunate this charming street is steps from where I stay in Toronto.

  2. It has been way too hot this summer! It’s difficult to walk outdoors in the heat, let alone work in it.
    Hopefully things will have cooled a bit by the time you get here. xo

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