REMEMBERING ….. November llth, 2016

Remembering …

Our Uncle Bert died in Belgian in a truck accident shortly before the end of the war.  A Belgian family still maintains his grave.

Remembering my Father …

My Father fought in the second  battle of Ypres, and sustained  injures from a gas attack.

Remembering… My Father-in-Law

Carl, my father-in-law,  was a flight Sargent  stationed in Yorkshire, England.

We shall not sleep,  though poppies grow in Flanders  field.



11 thoughts on “REMEMBERING ….. November llth, 2016

    • When we were living in Amsterdam I saw those red poppies everywhere Tinny. They grew in ditches, in fields, anywhere they could find a bit of earth. I picked the dried poppy heads and brought them home with me. Sadly they never grew for me here. XXOO

    • Catherine you have written beautiful memories of your father. For a brief time I was tossing on that ship, watching a box containing battered sea birds slip back and forth in the horrific storm. You had a most outstanding and sensitive father. Cheers Virginia

  1. What a fabulous tribute!
    Lest we forget, yet, it’s as though many of the Millennials are completely detached.
    Seeing photos of all the white crosses is very moving. I am glad there is a family maintaining Uncle Bert’s grave.
    One of my grandfathers died in WWII. My father was a very young child. I never met my grandfather.
    Well, many people are remembered. Yet, somehow, mankind still needs to war.
    Much love to you,Virginia xoxo

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