GRATED CARROT SALAD . . . in the French manner.


Carrot salad is on the top of my list for nostalgic food.   In those long- ago- by- gone days fresh produce simply wasn’t available in the bitter winters of Northern Saskatchewan.     However, hiding away in our dark root cellar in boxes of sand were carrots and parsnips from our garden.    We ate carrot salad, liberally sprinkled with raisins, almost every day during the winter months.

It’s late November and these outrageously orange and deliciously sweet carrots were pulled from my garden.   I will continue to harvest carrots from our winter garden until we get a killing frost.   I added a few tender parsnips to my basket because they were growing next to the carrots and called my name.

This minimalist French recipe for carottes ràpées is a sophisticated version of the old fashioned carrot salad.  It’s one you can vary every time you whip it up.  You take some grated carrots.  Organic carrots are a must but from there the variations are endless.  Then a couple of generous handfuls of various herbs, add a few nuts or seeds, and lavish it with different oils and vinegar.

The deep orange coloured  grated carrot salad combined with a sandwich or even a perfectly boiled egg makes a lovely lunch.

The recipe is in MRS BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.


12 thoughts on “GRATED CARROT SALAD . . . in the French manner.

  1. Dear L & V: What a lovely simple recipe. I do love carrots!

    You MUST tell me though…what is a “room bowl”? The recipe calls for mixing it in a “room bowl”. I have been enjoying trying to figure out what the actual wording is supposed to be! 😆

    Love, Andrea

  2. Beautiful shot of the carrots, Virginia. Love the basket, too! Say, have you recently spotted Oswald, gentleman rabbit? I think he’s a big time fan of carrot and ginger pudding?
    Big Hugs,

    • Oh my paws and whiskers! Carrot and ginger pudding is Oswald’s favorite Christmas treat. His great great great grandmother (on his Mother’s side) lived in Billericay Essex and always made this pudding in December. She was a well traveled rabbit and made the acquaintance of her husband on the Grand Tour of Europe. Oswald has been away on a secret mission. All to be revealed. XX Virginia

      • Dear Virginia, Thanks for the background story. A Grand Tour of Europe? Interesting! And a secret mission? Do spin soon. I’ve sorely missed the tales of gentleman Oswald.

        Enjoy the weekend,

      • Dear Miss T. I too has missed Oswald. He as been away on an adventure with his brother Boswell. They got into a great deal of trouble when they were younger. It appears that they may have grown up, but trouble still follows them. XX Virginia

  3. We have a bundle of carrots here, and I think I just found a fun new way to cook them, thanks to you. With the exception of the soy sauce, and the absence of garlic, this recipe sounds rather Mediterranean. Our new friends here in Croatia invited us to grill sea bass with them this past weekend. Olive oil, parsley, lemon, and garlic were plentiful ingredients – for the accompanying vegetables and the fish. Here’s hoping the frost holds off there so you can continue to enjoy the carrots, Virginia!

    • I do so love hearing about your experiences as an expat, Tricia. I do the very best arm chair travel with you as my companion. This morning we woke up to a little snow, but it won’t effect our lovely orange carrots. XX Virginia

      • What a lovely thing to say, Virginia! And wouldn’t be fun if one of these days we could actually enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in neighboring armchairs? Glad your carrots are still going strong!

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