It is the calm and solemn night

A thousand bells ring out, and throw

their joyous peals abroad, and smite

The darkness, charmed and holy now!

The night that erst no name had worn,

To it a happy name is given

For in that stable lay new-born

The peaceful Prince of Earth and Heaven

In the solemn midnight centuries ago.

(Alfred Domet)

Our nativity set is almost fifty years  old.

A romantic and lush  wreath says welcome in an elegant way.

Vintage mercury glass candles, a cherished gift from our Andrea.

When I was very, very small my Mother always made me a Christmas Doll.  I grew up, but never lost my love for dolls.  My Mother was almost ninety years old when she made me these dolls.  I made  the Raggedy Ann over fifty years ago for my daughter.

Elegant santas grace the fireplace….

And the stocking is hung with care.

My beautiful niece, Jennifer, made me this stocking years ago.  It is the last  decoration I  hang.  Now  our home is ready for Christmas.



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