It’s lovely to look back on Christmas memories.  My very first blog six years ago was entitled  A THOUSAND BELLS RING OUT.   I photographed some of my treasured Christmas collection.  Dolls, stockings, wreaths – some dating back almost fifty years.  Opening boxes and taking our these tangible memories from our past  is the most important part of the ritual of  Christmas.    Each year one of our Christmas rituals is to add another ornament to the tree.   Sometimes they are gifts from friends or something that wonderful that calls my name.

Do you a very special ritual that is part of your Christmas decorating?  I would love to hear about it.  It is all part of the joy of preparations for Christmas.




    • The shrimp tomato risotto is one of my favorite comfort foods, and the chicken pot pie IS FABULOUS! Roasting the vegetables gives this pie a deep rich favorite. This is a dish I serve often to guests. It is a WoW!! Cheers Virginia

  1. We have a small, artificial tree about 3′ high that I decorate with nature ornaments of various kinds. It began with birds, but we have other things, too, and snowflake ornaments my mom made. Underneath the tree are various animal “ornaments.” It’s so much fun. Another tradition is letting our girls and my husband decorate the big tree. After I get done with all the other decorating,I’m ready to let someone else do the tree. 🙂 We have lots of decorations given us my one of my s-i-l’s who lives in Europe. Some are from the former East Germany.

    Yet another tradition is having an apple-sausage-cornbread meal as brunch on Christmas morning. I’ll have to look up the two recipes mentioned above. They sound delicious.


  2. I missed the post six years ago but went back to view your lovely decorations. Over the years I have had many Christmas rituals – a manger scene from Mexico, a collection of Old World Santas, Christmas cups, glasses and dishes: I would drag them all out. Now we have pared down as we don’t have as many people in for the holidays. Oh, we would ALWAYS have egg nog with a splash of rum while decorating. Cheers, Virginia, and may a thousand bells ring out for you this holiday season!

    • Dear darling Jo Nell. Tonight I am slipping over to your home for egg nog with a generous splash of rum. It’s warm so we’ll sit outside and watch the sun go down. It would be a perfect evening. XX Virginia

  3. I decorate the mantel. I used to do a tree, and like you added a new ornament each year. At the top of the tree would go my special angel, made by my niece out of a cardboard cone and white paper. She was 7 at the time. I still have the angel, who goes on the mantel every year, despite having lost a few bits due to very, very dry glue.
    Christmas decorating is a wonderful thing! xo

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