I adore giving books as gifts – especially at Christmas.  Come Boxing Day there is nothing more delightful than snuggling under a cosy blanket, a cup of tea by your side, and reading your Christmas gift book.

Through the year I keep a sharp eye out for unusual and interesting books.  I check used book stores for vintage books and books out of print.

I also collect books that are destined for the recycling bin,  out-of-date reference books, old atlases, worn art books – all are grist for my work with altered books.  I save the pages I am not using and use them as gift wrap.   You can use the pages as gift wrap, as I have done here , or you can cover boxes and the lids with pages for a more permanent gift box.


Look for over-size books.  It makes gift wrapping easier.  For the final touch be bold and make a paper bow.

My slow Christmas continues as I take time  each day to wrap a few presents.   It has turned very cold here (cold for coastal area).  I’ve taken my basket of paper and ribbons to sit by the warming fireplace.  There’s just the smallest sprinkle of snow covering the green grass.  Perhaps we’ll have that rare thing – a white Christmas.



    • And I can even read!!! All funnying aside I am rather obsessed with the printed words. I read everything. How to books. How to mix concrete. How to build a straw house. The backs of cereal – interesting reading their. And now I have a list of “BOOKS TO BE READ IMMEDIATELY”. Some of them are old – Rex Stout – Tolstoy, Nabokov. I’ve read a lot on the list but I can’t remember some of them any more. Does this mean I must start all over again? Surely age must count somewhere in all this. And the title – immediately – it implies make haste. Oh Dear Tinny – so many books – so little time. XX OO V.

    • It IS a bold bow. All it took with some strips of paper, a stapler and a spot of glue. I am such a paper hoarder. I save all the bits and pieces from my altered book and card making. Then voila! They become wrapping paper. I am sprinkling a little glitter on the rest of my packages. After all a girl can never have too much bling. XX Virginia

  1. A slow Christmas – I like that. Your presents are beautiful! I have wrapped gifts in newspaper before but old books would be better. This year I am forgoing red and green for Christmas wrapping and am using bright yellow and gold colors. Somehow it seems right this year. Enjoy your fireplace and snow! It is cold and damp here but no ice or snow and the fireplace is appreciated.

    • Dear Girl I do adore the concept of bright yellow and gold colours for your Christmas decor. I can see it in your beautiful home. It is citrus season – perhaps you have an enormous silver or crystal bowl filled with lemons and oranges. You’ve tossed some lemon and orange peel, some cloves and cinnamon sticks into a pan and it is simmering on the back of the stove. Oh my – I would love to walk through your front door and give you a Merry Christmas hug. XX Virginia

  2. Beautiful! Some years ago, I bought Christmas material and my mom made a number of bags for me of varying sizes. I wrap gifts for the family in them, tie yarn around the top, and I have beautiful, reusable wrapping. 🙂 Not books, but fun and colorful.


    • I confess to having a rather large fabric bank. You have given me a reason to sew up the smaller pieces of gorgeous fabrics into gift bags, Janet. Armed with scissors off I go to my sewing room. Cheers Virginia

  3. There is no better gift than receiving a book! My husband and his family are not into reading, with the exception of my mother-in-law. I always bond over books and movies with her. We both adore Alexander McCall Smith and I discovered that he was coming to our local bookshop last fall, so I went and got a autographed copy of his most recent in his “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” series for her. He personalized it and wrote “Happy Christmas” inside. I think I was more excited to give it to her, than she even was to receive it, and she was thrilled. Luckily, she hadn’t already read it, as I was bringing it to her from US and it had already been released in the UK, where she lives, months prior.

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