A sublime sliver of double chocolate truffle brownies is a sensational ending to Christmas dinner.    It is a decadent change from traditional mince pies, sticky toffee or plum pudding.

Double Chocolate Truffle Brownies is a creation so rich in chocolate, butter and cream that one taste gives you shivers of delight.  You melt the butter and chocolate and carefully stir it into the richest, darkest bowl of delight.  Then you whip the eggs and sugar into frothy golden thickness.  Add the chocolate mixture.  Lovingly stir in the cocoa flour and finish with the freshest roasted walnuts.  The brownie cake cools  filling the kitchen with its sensual chocolate perfume.  Then you top it with ganache –  that bit of chocolate heaven other wise known to mortals as truffles, and sprinkle it with glittering sea salt flakes.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BROWNIES is the chocoholics dream.  You might consider going over the top and serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Why not?


  1. The brownies I have made are the children’s kind. These are to be served on a plate like yours with sunlight streaming in! I like the addition of sea salt also. Perhaps I will be brave and try this one – with Blue Bell ice cream!

  2. Chocolate is not my favourite thing but this is making my mouth water. I think it was the additional flavour of the sea salt.

    • Not a recipe to be reading when you are hungry for a chocolate fix Janet. But as long as you have the ingredient at least you know you can whip these up to fulfill your longings.

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