A special order was delivered to The Workshop of Wonder and Magic.   It was requested they create four crowns to be worn on Christmas day.  Crowns to be worn  at the dinner table.  Four crowns to replace flimsy paper crowns that tore and ripped.  Paper crowns that fell into gravy and mashed potatoes.    Paper crowns that horror of horrors might even catch  fire from the table candles.


Two of the  paper crowns were to be encrusted with pearls and jewels and topped with peacock feathers.  Beautiful Crowns for princesses and queens to wear at dinner.


Each jewel applied to the crowns carried wishes for all things happy and wonderful.  As the crowns were finished they were weighed to be certain they carried just the right amount of  happy and wonderful.

Two of the crowns  were to be fashioned in the colour scarlet and majestic  with many diamonds.    These were noble crowns.   Crowns for princes and kings.   Crowns to be cherished.  Worn for one festive evening then safely tucked away for another year.


Magic is to be shared.  To create your own crowns of great magnificence draw a profile or check the internet for patterns.  Journey to your favorite craft or dollar store and gather a stash of stick- on jewels.  Put on your favorite carols.  Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and have a glorious time making your own crowns for Christmas dinner.




  1. We have been Christmas cracker addicts for decades–but you’re right, the paper crowns disintegrate over dinner. What a cool alternative from the Workshop of Wonder and Magic! Happiest of holidays to you and yours!

    • Ahem. Ahem. I did think I was pretty clever coming up with these outrageous Christmas dinner crowns. All it took was looking at all the stick on jewels in the craft department of my favorite dollar store. I had a lovely time making them. Happy Christmas to you and your family .. again and again and again. XX Virginia

  2. Oh, any guests would wear these crowns with pride! We don’t do the cracker thing but I have seen the crackers in stores here and didn’t think my bunch would go for the paper crowns but these are regal and elegant and made with love. Why, even the Good Witch of the East would be envious of these! You are having so much fun with Christmas, Virginia! Cheers and all the best to you for the holiday season and 2017.

    • Dearest Jo Nell. Absolutely. I am having so much enjoyment and fun this year. Last Christmas I was pretty flat. It took me a while to come back from the mastectomy, but I am on top of my game now. The crackers is terribly Emglish. I am first generation Canadian so I am really not far from my English roots.We will be with you in spirit this Christmas season. XX Virginia

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