BLUE PLATE SPECIAL . . . MEATLOAF … classic comfort food!


Of all the reassuring comfort food  there is nothing better than a perfectly executed, divinely crusty- brown meatloaf.     Served with a generous pitcher of rich gravy  and mounds of creamy mashed potatoes it takes comfort food to dazzling new heights.

In cooking as in most things in life the simple dishes  done well  we appreciate,  enjoy  and remember.  We are bombarded by  magazines, newspapers,  cooking shows and books touting” the latest shout” in food.  Recipes that require endless shopping trips searching for exotic ingredients.  We’re exhausted before we even begin to prepare the meal.

Serve this generous meatloaf  proudly to family and friends.  It is a treasure that garners raves and second helpings.   The combination of ground meat and pork, and sauteing the vegetables gives this meat loaf  its rich, depth of flavour.  Don’t be tempted to skip the sauteing  step.

This old favorite is even better the next day.     Meatloaf cold makes great sandwiches.

Join me in  MRS BUTTERFINGERS kitchen for this classic meat loaf recipe.


6 thoughts on “BLUE PLATE SPECIAL . . . MEATLOAF … classic comfort food!

  1. We love meatloaf and I haven’t made it for ages. Maybe I’ll try your recipe instead of mine for a change. (Just a small thing–I think you mean “served” with the gravy rather than “severed.” 🙂 It did bring an interesting picture to mind, though.


  2. Meatloaf is a favorite at my house but these days I used veggie crumbles (a soy meat substitute) instead of ground beef. I will have to try sauteing the vegetables as you suggest and throw in some of the spices you used to make a version of your recipe. Leftover meatloaf makes the best sandwiches! And mashed potatoes are a must!

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