It is my habit to create little  traditions to mark an important occasion or celebrate a new season.  I like to make the unpleasantly  cold days of January the month I serve FRENCH ONION SOUP.

The prices of vegetables are soaring sky high so the savvy cook looks to locally grown vegetables for the dinner table.  FRENCH ONION SOUP is a classic.    The ingredients are readily available.  The soup is easy to make.     Using chicken stock allows the sweet flavour of the onions to sing.   Gussied  up with rich, deeply flavoured  Gruyere cheese it warms the cockles of your heart and impresses guests and family alike.

We had a bumper crop of onions this past summer.  The bins in the cold room are filled with these golden darling and I have been using them lavishly.  Winter on the West Coast can be damp,  bone-chilling cold.  This is the soup I like simmering away  filling the kitchen with its gorgeous earthy flavour.  Then there’s delicious moment when your spoon breaks the cheesy crust and you sip your way into soup heaven.

Be prepared to shed a few mascara streaked tears when you are slicing the onions but it is definitely worth it.  The following recipe for FRENCH ONION SOUP  LES HALLES STYLE is so very, very French.  You’ll love it.



    • How cold is your cold. Gayle? We do go down a few degrees below zero … nothing like the prairie cold we used to experience … but it chills one to the bone. Bon Appetit dear girl. xx Virginia

  1. Found it by clicking on Mrs. Butterworth at the upper right hand of the blog. Sounds great! $12 a head for cauliflower? Wow! I’ll take onions and cheese and dab my mascara. Lucky you to have plenty of onions in your cold room!

    • Between the low Canadian dollar and the majority of our fresh fruits and vegetables coming from drought-stricken California … steak is cheaper than vegetables. Yikes!! XX Virginia

    • And those are my favorite soup bowls – or rather cups. A lovely deep blue ironstone I’ve had for years. I know, I know – blue is not a food colour . My white and blue tea towels, a favorite toile napkin – it’s all there along with what is most important – soup not from a can!

  2. Virginia, you seem to read my mind! I was just looking at the big bag of onions thinking about onion soup. I’m cheese shy, as you know. Would cheddar or bocconcini or mozzarella work? Maybe there’s no cheese crust, but it might be better than tofu cubes. Much love _Resa xoxo

    • Of course. We are like minds separated only by distance, dear Resa. You can absolutely use another cheese and definitely pass on the tofu. I would toast the bread – both sides – then put the bread onto of the soup – add the cheese and broil until it bubbles. Heaven in a soup bowl! A good way to start the New Year. XXOO Virginia

    • It is my pleasure to share this classic recipe. For years I made French Onion soup with beef stock but now prefer the lightness of the chicken stock base. Bon Appetit dear friend. Virginia

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