Today is “chocolate cake day”.   Celebrate  with this extravagant version of a favorite treat.

This gorgeously rich chocolate cake is a snap to make.    It is extremely moist and has a lovely texture.  You require nothing but a balloon whisk, two good sized mixing bowls and either two 9 inch cake pans or a 9 by 13 inch pan.    You can serve it with or without frosting.  Just add a big scoop of ice cream.


The frosting for this cake is the ultimate chocolate cake frosting – ganache.  It contains no icing sugar – simply chocolate and whipping cream, with a little butter and a touch of corn syrup.  Ganache is the sublime concoction that is used to make chocolate truffles.  Whipped into gentle peaks it almost doubles in volume.  Or you can just pour it over your cakes.  Use any type of semi-sweet chocolate for ganache – except chocolate chips.

If you are a neophyte at baking remember baking is science.  In this recipe the combination of baking soda and baking powder is required as a leavening because the cocoa is an alkaline mixture.  Baking soda is required when there is a high alkaline presence.   Amounts must be precise – too much baking soda or baking powder and your cake will fall.

The recipe awaits you at MRS BUTTERFINGERS. 



  1. I am impressed with your husband’s climbing! Great shot – he looks happy. The cake looks divine – must try it as Husband loves chocolate cake. Have a good weekend – cheers! We have been enjoyed much needed showers after the hot, dry summer.

    • It is so good that you had had some rain. The air must smell wonderful Jo Nell. Lar is a pretty happy guy. He has been able to climb a lot this summer. Warm and dry. Even September has delivered us amazing weather. We are after all know as “the wet coast”. I do hope you make the cake. It is so ridiculously easy, and so very very good. Even better the next day. Have a super week-end too. XX Virginia

    • Lar is shy about photographs. But he was so chuffed at doing some excellent climbs that day he couldn’t stop smiling. Warning. This cake deceivingly easy but desperately addictive. Plan on inviting a lot of people over to share. V.

    • Hurrah for rain!!! The air must smell sweeter Tinny. The flying monkeys tossing champagne corks in the air to celebrate. This is a divine chocolate cake. Not dry .. rich, chocolaty and addictive, especially with the ganache icing. It is a large cake (for 2) so I was in the process of cutting it in half and taking it to the neighbors. I felt it was just too good and too dangerous sitting their quietly beckoning under the big glass cake dome. Lar stopped me in the act. There was absolutely no way that half that cake was leaving the house. Three days later and there is still a little cake left and it is good if not better than the day it was made. XXX Virginia

  2. I’m impressed, Virginia – have you ever joined your husband on these ascents? We recently climbed (hiked) one of the local mountain peaks. Though I was proud to have overcome my fear of heights for the day, our approach doesn’t compare to actual climbing like this.

    On a side note, we recently tried your recipe for the Beets with Greek Yogurt Dressing. A very nice end-of-summer offering! Wish you a wonderful weekend.

    • Way back in our early days of courtship I did some hiking with Lar. We did the famous West Coast trail on Vancouver Island. That was my last hiking trip. All I could think about was having a real bath and soaking for hours. I’m more a fancy tablecloth picnic type of woman. But I tried. V.

    • I love love love whipping up this cake. It is so simple and ALWAYS turns out beautifully. Of course… the icing on the cake is indeed “the icing on the cake”. Bon Appetit Virginia

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