FOUR APPLE CAKE . . . It’s a “doodle” to whip up.



Don’t you just love a cake you can whip up at a moments notice.  A cake that comes out of the oven and is ready to serve almost immediately.   One that is  a doodle to make.  And a cake that everyone immediately  asks for second servings.

The ingredients are simple.  Eggs, sugar, flour and melted butter.  Some flavouring.  Then at least four kinds of apples.  Any kind of apple works although it is a bonus if one of the apples is the “mushy” kind like Spartan or Macintosh, and use some apples that are crisp, some sweet and some tart.

I time this cake so it comes out of the oven  shortly before I plan to serve it.  It is perfection itself savoring this apple cake while it is still warm.  The generous amount of various types of  apples are suspended in a barely there rich, cinnamon flavoured  batter.

The recipe for Four Apple cake  awaits you on MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.


14 thoughts on “FOUR APPLE CAKE . . . It’s a “doodle” to whip up.

  1. Oh, I will try this one as I am getting better with my springform pan! Will add it to my “Virginia’s recipes!” I haven’t been posting lately as I have been volunteering with United Way four mornings a week. Must do a post to explain. Cheers!

    • Dear Jo Nell. I did whip up this cake and baked it in a regular cake pan. It worked but the springform pan made it easier to serve the cake. Looking forward to hearing about your United Way work. Bon Appetit Virginia

  2. Filing under the letter “D” for doodle. Great word. Yes, I’m also adding it to my file of “Virginia” recipes. Very pretty. Photogenic, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Virginia.

    • Dearest Miss T. This recipe has gone through countless variations. I started making it when we were living in Amsterdam. It was prominent in the show cases of every bakery. I have a sneaking suspicion there are more variations to come. I simply adore the ease it goes together. A real doodle. XX Virginia

    • Dear Miss T. I should call this my doddle apple cake because it is such a breeze to whip up and it is so doddly decadently delicious. The first time I served it to our family the four we consumed the entire cake. Everybody had seconds. Have a wonderful weekend. XX Virginia

      • Doddly decadently delicious. Jotting down the recipe. Jotting down the description, too.
        Again, thanks for the delightful divine inspiration.
        (Enjoy the weekend!)

    • I love the word “doodilicious! It rolls off the tongue. Much better than the improper use of the word “awesome”. We are knee deep in snow. So unusual for us but it inspires me to spend time in the kitchen Resa. XX Virginia

      • Not much snow here, but it’s as cold as I’m not going out! I’m at home cooking a lentil veggie soup & homemade pizza.
        Much winter love! xoxoxo

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