There is several reasons to call this a bodacious bran muffin.   Most bran muffins taste like crushed cardboard .  Then along comes these bodacious bran muffins filled with yogurt and so  bursting with beguiling blueberries  one can’t believe they are good for you too.    That’s the first reason these are bodacious muffins.  The addition of flaxseed meal gives you a good shot of  omega-3.    There is the antioxidant loaded, vitamin rich blueberries.  Then all the wonderful health benefits of bran and Greek yogurt.  Secondly this muffin recipe tastes “let’s have a second one”  delicious.  And lastly – the muffins are a whizz to whip up.  You can even make them the night before, tuck them in the refrigerator and bake them for breakfast.

There is always something baking in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.  The recipe for bodacious blueberry bran muffins await you.


16 thoughts on “BODACIOUS BLUEBERRY BRAN MUFFINS . . . a snap to make!

  1. Delicious-looking too! I should have had this recipe yesterday as I made blueberry muffins, but I will try this one soon. All I need is flaxseed meal and yogart. I am sure yours were much healthier than mine but I really didn’t have a good bran muffin recipe. Now I have one of Virginia’s!

  2. I love it when something is considered “healthy” yet tastes so outrageously delicious. We are surrounded by blueberry fields so I am always inspired to bake with them. Cheers Virginia

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