Take some brilliant red peppers, add a red onion, toss in tomatoes and garlic and create alchemy with chicken and chorizo.  The combination is rich and welcoming and fills your kitchen with the most delicious aroma.   This spectacular recipe is one of those dishes that are the heart and soul of your kitchen.

This is an adaptation of a favorite Daniel Boulud recipe.    Chicken legs  and or thighs, slowly simmered until the meat falls from the bone delivers great flavour.

The recipe for this very French dish BASQUE CHICKEN awaits you on MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.



    • Don’t you just love it when that happens, Gayle. All’s right in the kitchen and you just smile. I make this basque chicken frequently when entertaining. It is convenient to make it ahead of time and that makes for easy peasy entertaining. Bon Appetit Virginia

    • It is a great recipe and tastes simply grand. I love the flavour mix and often cook this dish when entertaining a large group as it doubles beautifully. Bon Appetit Janet. XX Virginia

  1. This will be one that I will try as I like one skillet dishes. Somehow I was surprised to find chorizo in your recipe as it seems more Mexican (very common in Texas) but it is very Spanish and Europeon. Happy Vernal Equinox, Virginia! Cheers for another spring!

    • Happy first day of spring Jo Nell. We are still shivering but daffodils are bravely blooming. This has been the coldest winter in 25 years!. The chorizo gives a nice bite and balances the sweetness of the peppers. Daniel Bullard does some border skipping here as it adds a little Spanish (Mexican) touch to this classic Basque recipe. Bon Appetit Jo Nell. XX Virginia

    • Of course it will work! I just never thought of using tofu in this recipe, Resa. Two days a week Lar makes an Asian flavoured dish featuring tofu. This recipe will do the trick. XX OO Virginia

  2. I love your top shot, Virginia. The red pepper. What a gorgeous color. Perfect muse and inspiration for a lipstick shade or two, I do believe. Over the weekend, I’ll do a little digging. (And thanks for the recipe!)

    Enjoy the weekend,

    • Dearest Miss T. The red peppers were locally grown and the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. They had been harvested just a couple of hours when I photographed them. Living in the country does have so many benefits. Have a truly splendid week-end, dear friend. XX Virginia

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