SO VERY FRENCH LEMON TART . . . the perfect Easter dinner dessert!

This lemon tart, a  sublime combination of buttery crisp cookie-like crust,  silky lemon filling and decadent freshly  whipped cream is the perfect ending to Easter dinner.  The nibbling of chocolate Easter eggs.   The second helping at dinner.  All is forgotten.  All is forgiven when lemon tart is served.  Lemon cleanses the palate and refreshes the soul.  Later you may not remember the meal but you NEVER forget a truly amazing dessert.

The traditional  French dough recipe  is not difficult to make.  You must use a stand-mixer.  A hand-held mixer is not heavy enough to mix the dough.  The buttery dough makes a  delicate, crisp  crust.    Make the pie crust  a day ahead of time and the filling the next day.   The recipe makes enough for two pie crusts –  use one now and freeze the other for a delicious tart in your future.

Pierre Hermes is the inspiration for this stunning, sublime lemon cream (think curd) filling.  Hermes, a French pastry chef,  is famous for his unusually flavoured macaroons. The addition of a little orange zest calms the sharpness of the lemons.   The tart filling  has all the ingredients of the  traditional lemon curd but it is lighter and silky smooth.  The secret is the method used when adding the butter. It is simple to make,

I am repeating this dessert recipe  but when a recipe is good it bears repeating and remembering.   It is preferable to serving  store-bought pie unless you have access to a French patisserie.  See and read the how-to in the kitchen of MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.



8 thoughts on “SO VERY FRENCH LEMON TART . . . the perfect Easter dinner dessert!

    • Spring is here but very little sun. We are a good two weeks late in terms of gardening. We are puddling through a lot of rainy days. However, the tulips are blooming so all’s right with the world. Cheers Virginia

  1. Yes, I agree that this French lemon tart would be perfect for Easter dinner dessert. I have already planned my standard lemon meringue pie this year. Perhaps next year I will attempt your tart. Happy Easter to you, Virginia! I am sure you have your magic bunnies out already. Cheers!

    • My son swoons at the very mention of lemon meringue pie! It was one of the first pies my father taught me to make. Tricky back in those days as the egg whites had to be whipped by hand. Happy Easter Jo Nell. And, yes there is bunnies gathered by the front door. XX Virginia

    • Dear Resa – Hope the chocolate Easter bunnies are visiting your home. The ears of a chocolate bunny are my favorite. Happy East and so very much a happy spring. XXXXOOOO Virginia

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