In  my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, the Cowardly Lion says “I’ll fight you with one paw tied behind my back.”   This cake is such a no-fail snap to make I swear one could make it with one hand tied behind their back.  The combination of sweet, fresh orange and decadent ganache glaze turns this simple cake into a special occasion treat.

Bundt cakes generally have a dense crumb the better to hold the exotic turban shape of the bundt pan.  This is also the reason that bundt cake pans have a centre hole.  It allows the cake to bake more evenly.  If you haven’t a bundt cake pan an angel food cake pan will do the job.

To show off the bundt cakes beguiling curves we serve the cake up-side-down.  If the cake cooks too quickly or the oven is too hot the cake will develop a decided hump on the top crust.   You’ll have to slice this off but it does make nice nibbling for the cook.  Baking this cake ( or practically any other cake) at a 325F temperature instead of the suggested 350F generally eliminates this problem.  Start checking your cake after 35 minutes to see if your tester comes out dry.  Be prepared to bake your cake (depending on the size) for up to an hour or more.    When you start smelling the delicious aroma of  cake you know yours  is just about ready to  come out of the oven.  The cake should have shrunk ever so slightly away from the edges of the pan and be a little darker in colour.

The ganache glaze is a doodle to make.  Dark, seductive chocolate and a little cream takes this bundt cake to delicious heights.  Just be sure to pour on your chocolate glaze as soon as it is ready.

I use my double bundt pan often.  I like to share my joy of baking and surprise friends with their very own  smaller version of CHOCOLATE ORANGE BUNDT CAKE.

Start zesting oranges and join me in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen.  I love your company.




  1. Alas, I have no double bundt pan but it makes sense to make two smaller ones. I love anything with orange in it and add chocolate and it is perfect! Love your doodle recipes but they are all doodles for you. Must make your cinnamon coffee cake this week as it is certainly a doodle!

    • Dear Jo Nell, I do try to write about recipes that are easy and fun to make. After years of making demanding and complicated dessert creations for our restaurants I do enjoy whipping these”doodles” up. Cinnamon coffee cake for Sunday brunch?? XXOO Virginia

  2. I love chocolate and orange together! I know it’s just a bundt cake, but it sounds amazing enough for a dessert when it’s my turn to make one. Sounds like spring is in full bloom where you are. The tulips have just started blooming here. Resa XXOO

    • Resa, with the chocolate glaze it’s a showy little number. The flavour combination reminds of Terry’s chocolate orange. It is an absolutely must my 49 year old son has one in his stocking at Christmas. I missed one year and he was devastaed. Christmas for him meant Terry’s Chocolate Orange treat. We are two to three weeks behind in our seasons. The tulips have put on their show but our farmer neighbors are just now getting on their fields – at least three weeks late. XXXOOO Virginia

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