There’s always a back story to opening a restaurant.  Some one thing or person who influenced you.  Andy Chan was such a person.

When my husband and I were courting our favorite restaurant was not a white tablecloth, fine dining restaurant.  It was  a takeout Chinese hole-in-the-wall.   The menu featured the usual dried ribs, chicken balls and stir-fries.  But there was a second private menu.  Exquisite food prepared for a different clientele.  Late night mah-jong players.    Andy Chan was the brilliant chef.  His dishes were sublimely exotic.

We hung out in Andy’s kitchen, sitting on what Andy called  Chinese Chesterfield’s (rice bags).  This amazing man shared his recipes and  his knowledge with us.  He related  how  he started out sweeping floors and scrubbing pots in restaurants in Hong Kong.    How secretive their chefs would  be.  Striking him if they thought he was watching how they cooked.    He  persevered and acquired great knowledge.     Andy emigrated to Canada and Regina.      He did well, and eventually moved his Chinese take-out restaurant to a new location on Hill Avenue, in Regina, Saskatchewan.  He called it PEARL RIVER.

More than forty years ago our restaurant,  ROXY’S BISTRO,  served French cuisine with a decided Asian flavour.  Today they call it fusion.  We called it “Andy’ style”.   WHERE TO EAT IN CANADA listed ROXY’S BISTRO as one of the top one hundred restaurants in Canada.    We will be forever grateful to Andy Chan for his dishes like “fish in the  sink”  and  “fish cooked three times”,  and for filling our courtship days with the flavours of ginger, star anise, sesame oil and exotic vegetables.

This is not a complicated recipe.  The secret to irresistible, tender and succulent  ribs is  braising the ribs first  and then the slow, low temperature cooking in the oven.  You can use any type of pork ribs  when you make  ASIAN PORK RIBS .



  1. Oh My!!!!!! These sound so incredible. The Hoisin Sauce, Sherry, Star Anise……..what a brilliant combo with the Honey to tie it all together. I would have had my face covered in the sauce and a chomped down on those marvelous ribs. I am in love with Andy.

    • Emil, we spent many an evening sampling each dish as it came out of the wok, and drinking Chinese tea at the end of the evening. Chinese tea was anything alcoholic sipped out of a porcelain cup. Andy’s take out was next door to the police station – and it was not licensed for alcohol. I thought the food was so wonderful that it deserved something special. One evening I packed a big bag with a silver teapot (for the wine), tall candlesticks, and a damask tablecloth and napkins. Interestingly, a couple of cops walked in to pick up their order, and although the bright lights were off, candles were lit, and the table elegant, they never batted an eye., Even more amazing, when I pulled these items out of my magic bag either did The Good Husband(then boyfriend). I do believe that was the moment when I knew he was the one. V.

      • What a beautiful story!!! You charmer you! I love, love, love the teapot for wine……..clever. I think the Good Husband knew when you created such a magnificant setting that he would be a fool to let such a special person go! You are an Enchanted Princess!

  2. Those ribs look amazing! Our family gave up eating meat over a year ago…..if I was going to fall off the wagon…I would have to have these. Wonder how the sauce would taste on green beans? I make those about every week here…my boys love them…we make a peanut butter sauce with garlic and soy, and sesame oil and brown sugar and stiffry sauce. I think I’ll try your sauce next time….see what the crew says. I just made them some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins….they are quiet and happy…at least for the moment lol. Just for the record…I did not lick the computer screen haha. With great affection and a rumbling tummy….G

    • This sauce indeed would be good on green beans. We also use it on tofu. I cut extra firm tofu into rectangles about by 1 by2 inches, dust it with cornstarch, then brown it in a little oil. The tofu gets lovely and crispy. Then we top it with a little of this sauce. Voila. a vegetarian dish for you Ginny. XXOO V.

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