CHICKEN LIVER PATE WITH FRESH HERBS . . . easy to make and costs next to nothing


You know when Edith Piaf is singing in your kitchen something wonderful will be cooking on the stove.   But first you must wander into the garden and snip a basket of fresh herbs … some sage, a little marjoram and a few branches of thyme. These fragrant herbs are the stars of this chicken liver paté that is dead simple to whip up, costs next to nothing and is very, very French.

HERBED CHICKEN LIVER PATÉ is best served a day or two after you’ve made it.   You can transfer the puréed  paté into two  1 cup crocks or 4 small ramekins.  You can also freeze the recipe, which makes it just about the most perfect “appy” to have on hand.

This recipe has you simmering the chicken liver in melted butter just until it turns pink. Then everything is turned out into a food processor and puréed until silky smooth. It really is easy as one-two-three. Serve it with lots of crusty bread or crackers.

Bring your basket of herbs into MRS. BUTTERFINGERS kitchen and whip up this elegant chicken liver paté.


6 thoughts on “CHICKEN LIVER PATE WITH FRESH HERBS . . . easy to make and costs next to nothing

    • This is an either or recipe. You either love chicken liver pate of any sort .. or you say “eccccheuuuu”. You, dear girl, are a lover. This is just one of my many recipes for chicken liver pate and it is the one I use when I just happen to spot chicken livers at my local grocery store. Somehow I always seem to have all the ingredients on hand. And, you do have a choice – fresh herbs or dry, sherry or brandy. So it really is a zip a de doo day kind of chicken liver pate. Enjoy. Cheers Virginia

    • I just smiled when I read your comment dear Resa. And I’m still smiling. What a splendid way to start my day. Sending big hugs and love to my Resa. XXXOOO Virginia

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