• Every morning I walk through my gardens to see what presents nature has for me. These hydrangeas are really “show off” plants but I am simply mad for them. Cheers Virginia

  1. Gorgeous flowers! I can imagine what your garden looks like. Travel makes me think that it will somehow change my life and make me think I can do anything. However, I have not been traveling much lately! Cheers to you and your garden!

    • I am so very proud of these prolific bloomers as I started them from tiny plants, Jo Nell. I love they make a gorgeous show in the garden right up to the first frost. XxOO Virginia

  2. WOW! What a prolific bloomer. Simply gorgeous. And you’re so right–every morning when I stroll around the garden, there’s always something new and interesting and beautiful. We are so very lucky…

  3. Excellent quote, Virginia, and gorgeous flowers. I reclaimed a small bed in our backyard this year from weeds and other things and planted it with perennials, a few geraniums, and some cherry tomatoes plants. It gives me great pleasure to see it every day.


    • It is these small pleasures, that cost so little, that gives us such great joy Janet. Now you can stand in the sun with a little salt shaker and nibble away on your cherry tomatoes. The ones you buy in the supermarket will never taste as good. Cheers Virginia

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