All through the long and glorious summer the garden  rewarded us with glorious vegetables.  I  walk from the kitchen across a long stretch of grass and into the garden.  It is another world  –  this world of vegetables going quietly about their business of growing.   Italian basil, Thai basil and parsley encircle the garden.  No matter where I am in the garden I brush against these fragrant herbs as I harvest vegetables.  My basket is filled with prickly zucchini and brilliant coloured rainbow Swiss chard.  They will be the starring ingredients of the most delicious, refined and positively addictive vegetable gratin.

Zucchini and Swiss chard gratin  takes the ubiquitous zucchini and the humble Swiss chard to new heights.  Seasoned with onion, paprika and garlic.    Enriched with Parmesan cheese, eggs and tart sour cream .  Topped with buttery bread crumbs and fresh parsley this gratin is paradise in a dish.   Served as  a  main course or as a side dish with  roast chicken  or pork it is summer perfection on a plate.

The very best of summer – ZUCCHINI AND SWISS CHARD GRATIN



    • And a very happy summer to you, Jo Nell. We are not having the extreme heat of last year so keeping our fingers crossed that our tomato crop will be outrageously large. XX Virginia

    • Regretfully I discovered this summer recipe late last summer when the zucchini and chard were on their last legs. As a reminder to myself and those with a plethora of zucchini and swiss chard to bake it while the summer is being generous. XX Virginia

    • Resa, I was thinking about you when I made this dish for the first time this season. The garden is absolutely spilling over with zucchini and chard. It is so delicious and being seasonal makes one appreciate it even more. Bon appetit dear girl.

  1. This dish looks absolutely divine! It’s great that you cook whatever is harvested in the garden. We have a vegetable garden too and I believe we should all practice growing our own food =)

    • Our garden is a joy. It gives us so much pleasure to simply plant and then watch our work become gorgeous plants. The harvest is an added bonus. It is the journey not the destination. Bon Appetit Virginia

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