There is a dark, sad place where books end their days.    Pencil scribbled school books.  Encyclopedias wealthy with knowledge.    Battered books with fragile thoughts.  No one lovingly turns their pages.  Their words drift away.  Their covers remain closed.  They have no stories to tell.     They are The Colony of Forgotten Books.

She rescued the unwanted books.  Cut deep inside them and released their tales.  Stories of courage and  remembered fields of poppies.


No longer cast aside these book whispered of intrigue and romance.

Theirs was a brave new world  where troubadours sang  and soldiers marched.

A world where beautiful creatures gathered together in enchanted forests.

‘”The friends and pleasures of which you speak cannot compare with the joys of which I speak.”  Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan.

She rescued the rejected books .  Saved their words and told their stories once again.

(I dive into the recycling bin at our local Thrift Shop to rescue  books.  The most difficult ones to find are sets of  encyclopedias.   They have long ago gone the way of the dodo bird.  A cut book takes me about two months to put together. )




  1. A wonderful expressive art form for you. I hoard old books too–just think of all the eyes and hands that have traveled over them. I love the burnished covers, threadbare spines, disintegrated gilding. You’ve come up with a beautiful new life for them! Thanks for sharing.

    • Darling Jo Nell. I am the consummate thrifter. My discoveries are legendary among my family and friends. It is mostly books I purchase now. Our home is chock full of beautiful and so is my closet. Now armed with a list from my friends and my son I still do the rounds. It really is simply the thrill of the hunt. XX Virginia

    • As you can see Resa I am still cutting out paper dolls and all that goes with them. Making my own little stories. Cluttering the floor with paper. And having a wonderful time rescuing books. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear one. XXXOOO Virginia

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