CRANBERRY, APPLE AND WALNUT CAKE . . . the pie that became a cake.


This is one of those desserts masquerading as something it is not.   It’s baked in a pie plate.  It looks like a pie.   But it is a delicious,  easy peasy cake.    The inspiration comes from  Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa fame,  one of my most favorite cook-book authors.

This is the cake to whip up when you just can’t face another pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.    It’s an absolutely doodle to make.  It simply hums along when you serve it with morning coffee.   It is rewarding.   Combing tart cranberries and apples with a sweet cake topped with walnuts and cinnamon sugar.    Could you ask for anything more?  Of course.  Top your slice of goodness with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Waltz over to MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen for the recipe.



10 thoughts on “CRANBERRY, APPLE AND WALNUT CAKE . . . the pie that became a cake.

    • We have several large cranberry fields just down the road from our home. Our neighbors are generous with their produce, so I am always happy to find a dessert recipe that uses cranberries. Enjoy. Bon Appetit Virginia

    • We have much to thank the Barefoot Contessa for. She cooks with love and soul. She cooks not too impress but to nourish and feed her family and friends. Her recipes always have so much flavour. I adore her. Bon Appetit dear Contessa. Virginia

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