THE MAGIC OF OVEN ROASTED TOMATOES . . . Capturing the joy of summer all winter long.

Through the halcyon days of summer I plundered the garden for the fattest, juiciest,  reddest of red tomatoes.  The days shortened.  Marine fog drifted across the fields poking destructive fingers into the garden.    Time to harvest the tomatoes, ripe or green.    The heady fragrance of tomato leaves surrounded me as I  filled my basket with these last jewels of summer.

The green tomatoes were tucked single layer in closed cardboard boxes.  As they changed colour out they came to sit in a bright window.  Taking the sun.    I had already frozen tomatoes for soups and stews.  These tomatoes were to be oven roasted and frozen.

I cut the little cores out.   Sliced the tomatoes in half.  Placed them in parchment lined pans ( saves scrubbing pans ).   The tomatoes were sprinkled with a little coarse sea salt and freshly ground black paper.  Then  with a breeze  of olive oil and graced with whole sprigs of fresh thyme.

Roast the tomatoes at 275F for about five hours.  Then increase the oven temperature to 300F for the last hour.  Watch these little darlings.  The smaller tomatoes will brown faster and should be removed.  You don’t want them to become dry and brittle.  Toss the dried thyme.    Store the tomatoes in plastic freezer containers with layers of parchment papers between the slices.  Five pounds of fresh tomatoes will reduce down to about one pound.

It really is like magic!   Oven roasted tomatoes on pizza are  nothing short of divine.     Tossed in pasta dishes they are brilliant shots of colour and flavour.      Roasted tomatoes in the humblest of sandwiches takes the sandwich to delicious heights.  Or try coarsely chopped roasted tomatoes  and goat cheese on a baguette.

Bon Appetit dear friends.










8 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF OVEN ROASTED TOMATOES . . . Capturing the joy of summer all winter long.

  1. You work magic with anything, Virginia! How I envy your harvest from your own garden. I would not have thought they would keep well frozen. I would put them on pizza too. Cheers for the weekend to you! We feel as if fall is here as we had our first “cool front” from the north and dropped the temps down to high 80s and lows in the 70s but it is already warming up. I bought basil, oregano and parsley for the fall. All in pots on the patio.

    • The garden is a great joy for my husband and myself. It is the journey. The preparing the soil. Sowing seeds. Watching them sprout and grow. It brings us so much peace and contentment. The fact that the garden gives us food is the “icing on the cake”. In my perfect world I would be delivering you a basket of tomatoes, Jo Nell. Perhaps you would whip up a Greek Salad. Or a bacon and tomato sandwich. Of course, I would stay for a glass of wine and watch the sun go do. Cheers, dear friend. Virginia

    • The best part of all this roasting of tomatoes is the gorgeous rich flavour. It also helps that 5 pounds of tomatoes end up in a 1 pound package. I was starting to run out of space in my freezer. You are so very very welcome Miss C. Cheers Virginia

  2. These look so good, Virginia. I wish I had your cooking passion, but what I did have is slowly fading away. I still bake though, which holds dear memories of my mom’s baking. I hope to try these sometime though, especially on pizza. 🙂

    • As life goes on (and what happens in our lives) we do change and find other interests. I love that you still enjoy baking and they evoke memories of your Mom. Lauren, what was your Mom’s favorite baking treat? Cheers Virginia

      • Carrot Cake lavished with cream cheese icing is a classic favorite in our home, and I loved that your Dad had a birthday cake favorite. These are the good memories we cherish Lauren. Cheers Virginia

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