THE TOP BANANA CAKE . . . a delicious doodle to make!

Cakes lavished with icing appear to be attending a party.    They sashay onto your plate with a come-hither look, and you swoon with delight.  There’s banana muffins. There’s banana loaf.  But the top banana is this old-fashioned banana cake by my favorite cook-book writer, The Barefoot Contessa.

This is a no nonsense, never fail type of cake.  A doodle to whip up even if you don’t have a mixer.  It has a fine, moist crumb flavoured with orange zest and studded with walnuts.    And the icing is definitely “the icing on the cake”.   Cream cheese frosting  and banana cake is a marriage made in kitchen heaven.

This is the cake I make when bringing a dessert to a pot-luck supper.  It travels well.  It keeps well.  You can whip it up a day or so before serving.  And it slices beautifully.  Pop over to MRS.BUTTERFINGERS kitchen for the recipe.   Bon Appetit, dear friends.





5 thoughts on “THE TOP BANANA CAKE . . . a delicious doodle to make!

  1. Just printed the recipe! It looks like a fancy doodle that I could handle and Husband loves any kind of banana bread/cake. And it looks different and impressive. (I love cream cheese icing and always swoon over it.)

    • Oh my paws and whiskers! Simply Recipes glitched me on the icing. I’ve repaired the mistake and talked sternly to Simply. Really a doodle to make and I’ve had so many glitches on this delicious cake recipe. Bake it with confidence Jo Nell. If it doesn’t turn out I will personally arrive in your Texas kitchen and make this cake for you. XX Virginia

  2. Yum, delicious! Was just over at Mrs. Butterfingers, andI can totally handle the recipe. I actually have a banana cake recipe that is close. I have never made cream cheese icing, though! Thank you, Virginia!! xoxo

  3. Recently I read that it takes a great deal of milk to make cream cheese. Perhaps that is why it is rather pricey. My theory Resa, is cream cheese icing is good for you!!! XXOO Virginia

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