My Christmas begins the third week of November.    I appreciate the rituals of Christmas.   Decorating our home.  Baking traditional Christmas treats.    The wrapping of presents.  Life is to be enjoyed and I remove the pressures of the season by starting early.  Armed with secateurs and large wicker baskets I prune  the  row of cedars across from the cow barn.  I  snip the fragrant cedar branches accompanied by the gentle mooing of cows.  A perfect start to my slow Christmas.

It is my tradition to make the front door Christmas wreaths for our home and for my good friend and neighbor.  Every year it is different.  We live close to the ocean so this year it seemed appropriate to embellish the wreath with  shells I have collected.

The music of Charlie Brown’s Christmas plays in the background as  I brush the shells with glue and then sprinkled them with fairy dust.   It gives the shells a frosty glitter of snow.  To fasten these treasures from the sea I hot-glued florist wire to the backs.

Add a white satin bow and voila!!  Christmas begins at our front door.

In the early weeks before Christmas I polish the silver and lovingly  wash the crystal.  Everything must be shiny and bright.  Then I create more magic with lights.

It gives me pleasure to celebrate the season in this quiet, calm way.    There is much history in this display.   The crystal and silver is a collection of gifts and family treasures.  It is important to me honour them in this manner.  My last task –  fill the crystal decanter to welcome guests into our home.






  1. I love that the little girl who played cut-out dolls with me so many years ago is now checking out my groceries. These relationships never fade away when your grand-daughter chats with me at the check-out. Her after school job gives us great pleasure to see her growing up to be a fine young woman. XXOO Virginia

  2. Oh, you inspire us all with your attitude! The holidays can get so frantic for many that they cannot enjoy the pleasure of the moments. I love the simplicity of the wreath gathered with natural elements. (I have the shells but would have to buy the evergreen.) Your magical buffet would be at home in Paris!

    Enjoy the holidays day by day!

    • Dear Jo Nell, I find it sad when I hear people complaining about the holidays. Generally it is about the shopping and the crowds. I start my Christmas shopping early in the year. I scout through second hand book stores and thrift shops looking for unusual, amusing and wonderful gifts. I bring my booty home absolutely delighted with my day and my treasures. By the by – I’m thinking drift wood glues to a wreath form and some lavish shells. Enjoy dear friend. XXOO Virginia

    • To me it always smells like Christmas when I am around cedar, Gayle. It grows thick and lush and takes happily to being pruned. I fill our home with enormous bouquets of cedar boughs, and I always include a small bit of cedar in my Christmas cards. XX Virginia

  3. I adore the pageantry of Christmas. I love bringing out the decorations. They’ve been collected over the years. One of the most precious is a celluloid Dutch boy more than seventy years old. It was on our Christmas tree when I was a child. XXX Virginia

  4. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Beautiful wreath, Virginia! And it goes so well with your door knob and knocker, too. Where do you score the fairy dust? By the seashore? Does Oswald the rabbit help with the annual dressing of the wreath? So many questions. Big Hugs! Signed a nosy reader, Theadora

    • Oswald Gentleman rabbit journeys the world. In the animal kingdom he is their envoy and responsible for all growing plants and trees. On his return he shakes the magic dust from his travels off his rather large feet and stores in sparkling crystal vials. Oswald gifts me with a precious vial of shimmering wonder and I generously scatter it during the holiday season. It is guaranteed to make all who see it happy, joyful and filled with the spirit of Christmas. Oswald and several small members of his family follow me to the cedar trees that line the road across from the cow barn. It has been their tradition to assist me choosing the branches to be pruned to make the perfect Christmas wreaths. Those mortals who do not have a friendship with rabbits may find a little of this dust at their favorite craft store. This is your very own fairy tale, dear Theadora. XXOO

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