I’ve been away.  Traveling to my fantasy little house in Paris.   Heavy green velvet curtains cover the tall windows.  They keep out the cold wind that whistles and tugs at the window panes.  The house is snug and warm and I’ve filled it with treasure from the Christmas markets.  The flea markets have been scoured for bits of Christmas pasts.   I’ve wrapped fat white candles with brown paper tied with twine.    Angel wings hang from coat hooks  and the kitchen is rich with the intoxicating aroma of a welcoming holiday feast.   My Paris friend, Theadora, and our worldly traveled Tin Man  will dine tonight.  Joyeux Noel we shout from the balcony to the street belong.  Joyeux Noel!

Joyeux Noel!  Merry Christmas!  The perfect words to welcome dear friends and family to our house in the country.  I’ve brought memories of Paris home.  I shall wrap candles in brown paper.  I will conjure up golden angel wings.  And I will paint the words Joyeux Noel. There  is only a few short street of stores in our tiny  Ladner village.   It’s a charming , calm place to shop.  Far away from hustle and bustle of malls.   Quite by chance  I found these  letters on unpainted blocks of wood.   The perfect do-it-yourself project.  A little dark paint.  A little white paint.    Voila!

My slow and happy enjoyment of this season continues.   There are presents to be wrapped.  More decorations to make to adorn our home.  A Christmas tree to decorate, but all in good time.


(If you visit TripSavy you will discover the Christmas markets and other magical places to visit during the holiday season.  Photo of a Christmas market by TripSavy.)





  1. Lovely, Virginia. Our Christmas tends to be more German in nature, but we’re both European. 🙂 When we lived in Cleveland, we were just a few blocks away from an artist couple who had a Christmas story in their house for two or three months before Christmas. They had all sorts of beautiful ornaments and other Christmas things from all over Europe and even the US. I love to go a number of times each Christmas season.

    I haven’t had time to start putting up our decorations, but I can’t wait! 🙂


    • Janet, my Husband’s family is German and Christmas was all about church and opening the gifts Christmas Eve. I love to collect different traditions and include them in our celebrations. Many of our decorations and ornaments have come from other countries and it is this diversity I appreciate. Canada embraces multi-culturalism. It makes for a rich and interesting way of life.
      Cheers Virginia

    • It is a splendid time of year for me, Resa. Soon I’ll open boxes filled with tree decorations. Some of them hung on my Christmas tree almost sixty years ago. They are all treasures XXXOOO Virginia

  2. Oh, I love the letters, Virginia. What a wonderful idea. Have the angels snapped shots of the little wings? And do the Ladner Village shops decorate their windows or street lamp posts? I’m looking forward to more decor, of course. What fun.

    Beautiful post!!

    • Dear Miss Theadora, I found “how to make angel wings” in a French Christmas magazine. It’s my project this week-end. Our Ladner village dates back to 1868. It has managed to retain historical charm in the older retail section. When the municipality decided to “update” the street lights they put in “old old” looking lights. In the summer enormous flower baskets hang from them. For Christmas the merchants in this small old section would tiny white lights around all the tree trunks and decorated a perfect Christmas tree which it grows year around in the centre of the village. The village is so charming the movie industry is constantly shooting here and last month Hallmark Cards shot two Christmas specials (complete with man made snow), and a Santa Claus parade. We adore our village. XXOO Virginia

  3. It looks (and probably sounds) so much better in French! And I read that you found the blocks in a Dollar store – always unexpected treasures there. You home looks beautiful and I can imagine Christmas in your little house in Paris. Cheers to you and your special guests!

    • Dearest Jo Nell, my little house in Paris is lovely. The velvet curtains are a little faded. Upholstery stuffing peeks out of the worn tapestry cover on my favorite chair – but I wouldn’t change anything… even the cold stone floor in the kitchen. XXOO Virginia

  4. Joyeux Noel my dear friend!! ❤ What a glorious evening it was……..oh the bubbly was divine. To be in the warm embrace of friends is the loveliest feeling of all the holiday cheer in the universe. It has been such a beautiful year filled with all sorts of wonder and life. We had six inches of beautiful snow here and it was a winter wonderland for a couple of days. I hope all is well with you and how I enjoyed seeing your beautiful home and remembering our glorious visits with you and the aroma of those heavenly delights cooking up in the kitchen. We have become family and you and Lar are always in our hearts and on our lips. We speak of you so often that it seems you are just down the street. We miss you so very much. Joyeux Noel my friends.

  5. The snow fell silently in the quiet of night. Your hill was blanketed in white – a canvas for my snow angels. In the morning you found my wings close to your door. Close to your home. Close to your heart. Emil, at this time of the year we feel most keenly the absence of dear friends that have become our family. Lar and I are so fortunate that fate brought the four of us together. You are an important part of our life. A Joyeux Noel to you and Augustine. Joyeux Noel. Joyeux Noel XXXOOO Virginia

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