SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE . . . a decadent holiday food gift


Sometimes when one is bombarded daily with food recipes one forgets the one that transcends all others.    This  splendid sauce is the perfect food gift.  It is  decadently deliciously down-right lip-smacking, please can I have some more.  Portion it into small jars(it is very very rich).  It makes a memorable hotess gift.

It is the attention to detail.  The little extra that pushes something over the top.  That take it from very good to extraordinary.    And when that extraordinary itself is truly magnificent you have pure gold.

During our restaurant years every evening I made a gorgeous caramel sauce.   We would pour it liberally  over our house-made ice cream.  The recipe was time consuming and demanding.  So I started  the hunt for a caramel sauce that one could whip up quickly and without too much stress.

Making caramel sauce is rather like the fairy tale Brothers Grim Rumpelstiltskin.  You turn water and sugar into a deep burnished rich golden colour.  And you do not have to give up your first-born child to do it.

This caramel recipe has just the right balance of caramelized sugar to butter and cream.  The recipe is easy.  You put water and sugar into a pan.  Watch it turn a deep golden brown.  Whisk in butter.  The aroma smells like McIntosh Toffee.    Add a little cream.  Cool.  Taste.  Sprinkle in  flakes of  fleur de sel  and faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin you have the most decadent salted caramel sauce.

Pour it over ice cream or a slice of cake.  Add a generous dollop of whipped cream and you have a dessert worthy of a four star restaurant.  The very best part of this recipe for caramel sauce.  It refrigerates beautifully.  I must admit I occasionally remove the chilled sauce, dip a spoon into its silky goodness and swoon over this stealthy treat.  The sauce will keep two weeks refrigerated.  Unbelievable but this has kept more than the specified two weeks when I hid it behind the mustard  and totally forgot about it.  It was still good almost a month later.

SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE  – is pure gold!


17 thoughts on “SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE . . . a decadent holiday food gift

  1. Delightful……I have never made a caramel sauce but do so love a good salted caramel. We used to have one in my department at the store that was heaven, but alas it was discontinued. Perhaps I can convince the good husband to make this. We did get a nice harvest of apples from the garden this year.

    • I was fortunate to receive a wonderful food package delivered by the flying monkeys. The caramel sauce was one of the delicious items in the package and it was heavenly!! I think this new recipe is very close to that sauce. There will definitely be some stashed in the refrigerator when our guests from the Emerald City arrive.

      • Oh………..I was wondering if the sauce was one that was included in the package! I am so glad you got to taste it before it was gone forever. YAY………. I will run straight to the fridge……..after a hug, of course…….hahahhahahahah

    • It is sinfully delicious. In fact it probably should have a big warning label “could be addictive”. Love your Halloween greeting card Diane. XX Virginia

  2. I feel a little like a magician doing my own bit of alchemy. This caramel sauce is sinful, sensuous, glorious, magnificent, out of this world. We all need a little of this in our life. What are your first and second favorite flavours Resa???

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