CHEDDAR AND GRUYERE CRACKERS . . . Frozen savory assets for the holidays.

I like to make a splash  with holiday hors d’oeuvres.     Step out of the ordinary.  Conjure up the unexpected.   There is nothing more wonderful.  Nothing more special than freshly baked homemade crackers.  These are a snap to make.    A double dose of sharp cheese makes addictive crackers then don’t even need a topping.  Just whip up a handful of ingredients.  Pop them in the freezer and  slice off rounds whenever you want to serve freshly baked crackers.

They may seem like the last thing you have time for during the holidays but the dough for these savory slice-and-bake comes together in minutes.  Make a batch or double the recipe for a bigger stash.  You won’t regret it.

Dear friends, you know how I love to gild the lily.  These crackers take beautifully to hits of hot red pepper jelly or pungent blue cheese.  A little Brie or Gouda topped with a wafer thin slice of Granny Smith apple would go down treat.

Serve your wondrous cracker creations with glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve.  You’ll be the toast of the town!  The recipe awaits your nimble fingers in MRSBUTTERFINGER’S kitchen.


9 thoughts on “CHEDDAR AND GRUYERE CRACKERS . . . Frozen savory assets for the holidays.

  1. Thanks for the recipe, Virginia! I’m off now to jot down the recipe. The color of the cracker really pops. But first things first, the plate. The plate! Scrolling back up to the top to take another peek at the big wheel.


    • Well spotted Miss T. They were a gift from a dear friend who knows I love all things Paris, There’s a second smaller plate I use for olives. The have me smiling with delight when I use them. XXX OOO V.

    • I will admit that my husband and I nibbled away at quite a few of these crackers while we sipped a glass of wine. Janet. They are so delicious. Fortunately I still have some in the freezer for New Year’s Eve. Have a glorious Christmas. Cheers Virginia

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