OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS CHERRY ALMOND CAKE . . . It’s not too late to whip up this alternative to fruit cake.

The most loved and used  of all my many baking cookbooks is tattered, torn, mended and scribbled.   It has perhaps twenty pages.    More than fifty years ago it came free with a bag of Robin Hood Flour.  It contains the recipe for Wicked Wonderful White Bread and my stand by cinnamon coffee cake.  Every recipe is tried and trued and absolutely delicious in a wonderful old-fashioned way.    The recipes don’t call for exotic ingredients or special equipment.  They are stress free baking recipes perfect for almost any occasion.

I adore anything  baked with cherries, especially at Christmas time.  This recipe for Cherry Almond Cake is from the small Robin Hood Cookbook.  It is literally bursting with big, bright cherries.  It makes a generous cake.  Wonderfully generous.  You can cut,  slice and slice and nibble away to your hearts content.  It is a splendid cake for entertaining.  Large enough for second or even third slices.  What could be more perfect. You’ll find this  recipe on my food blog MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.

21 thoughts on “OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS CHERRY ALMOND CAKE . . . It’s not too late to whip up this alternative to fruit cake.

    • Ginny, we deny our selves so much. Why not cake for breakfast. After all what can they do. Treat us like Marie Antoinette and cut off our heads. There’s a tiny bit of cake left and after I read your comment I had it for breakfast! Virginia

    • If you love cherries you’ll adore this cake Alexandra. It’s hard not to sometimes just pick at the crumbs and nibble on the luscious cherries. Cheers Virginia

    • Dear girl, home canned cherries won’t work quite as well in this recipe. But the recipe that absolutely cries out for them is Black Forest Cake. Layers of chocolate cake filled with the cherries and a liberal sprinkling of the cherry flavoured syrup, then lavished with whipping cream – you are in heaven. Bon Appetit. Virginia

      • I certainly would try them. I am intrigued with the idea of homemade maraschino cherries. Cherries from our Okanagan Valley here in British Columbia are quite spectacular. Bon Appetit Virginia

    • I bought more glace cherries today in anticipation of a little Christmas baking. It’s lovely to dabble in a little baking long before the demands of Christmas fall upon us. XX Virginia

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