SEND A POST CARD FROM MR. NOBODY . . . To Froggy Pad Daycare

There is an enchanted house  on the top of a very long hill.  Tall trees sway and sigh and stand guard.   The garden has a small wooden house and a small wooden bridge.   The children have delicious adventures,  play games, sing songs and listen to stories read from a magic book.  The enchanted house is called Froggy Pad.  It is a happy place where children stay while their Mummies and Daddies go to a place called Work.

Everyone is very polite, and so very well behaved at Froggy Pad.  Occasionally a hat goes missing.  The crayons are tossed out of boxes.  Milk is spilt.    Who did it?  Nobody.  It was Mr. Nobody.  A mischievous sprite.   Lately it has been very quiet at Froggy Pad.   No one looses their mittens.   Books have not gone missing.    In fact it has been absolutely boring at Froggy Pad.  That is until the other day a card came in the mail.  It was from Mr. Nobody.  He had gone walkabout.  Traveling.  Visiting friends far away.  Mr. Nobody had taken his mischief and disappeared.

The children missed his games. They were just a little sad until the post card arrive.  Now each day they watch with great anticipation for the mailman.    If you would like to play Mr. Nobody send a card to:  Froggy Pad Group Daycare,   4367 Ruth Crescent,     North Vancouver, B.C. Canada  V7K 2N1



7 thoughts on “SEND A POST CARD FROM MR. NOBODY . . . To Froggy Pad Daycare

  1. This is how stories begin, Jo Nell A tale is told. The story grows. Mr. Nobody, who really wants to be Mr. Somebody. Foggy Pad is my sister-in-law’s daycare. And she does create magic. I have spent time at the day care and the only time I heard a child cry was when they had to go home. She is a gifted teacher, and most definitely The Head Frog. XXXOOO Virginia

  2. Oh my paws and whiskers!! The children will be beside themselves with delight. The post man’s arrival is eagerly anticipated and they are over the moon when they receive a post card from Mr. Nobody. Your card will bring joy and happiness to the children. Cheers Virginia

  3. I understand a postcard from Switzerland arrived at Froggy Pad Day Care the other day. The children were over the moon. I trolled my collection of postcards and selected the most colorful. From my rather extensive stamp collection (courtesy my late Grandfather) I added the most interesting stamps to the cards. Wrote a message from Mr. Nobody and sent them off in one large envelope. I didn’t think our Canadian Postal System would accept stamps from Bali, Czechoslovakia and Germany.
    Dear Theadora, How are you staying warm? Outrageous earmuffs? Six foot scarves? Hand warmers in every pocket? Perhaps escaping to warmer climes? XXXOOO Virginia

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