HUMMINGBIRD CAKE . . . hums to a new tune.

This cinnamon scented layer cake.    This  dense cake of banana and pineapple.  This spice cake with sumptuous cream cheese icing.  This Humming Bird cake with retro origins has become the favorite of all cake recipes on MRS. BUTTERFINGERS.

It’s a joy to make.      It doesn’t require a stand mixer.    Just two mixing bowls, some very ripe bananas, pineapple and the usual suspects when making a cake.   I’ve made  some changes to the recipe.   The most important one is the pineapple.  I’ve replaced the crushed pineapple with chopped pineapple tidbits.  The quality of the pineapple pieces is superior to crushed pineapple.   Now when you nibble your way through a gorgeous slice of Hummingbird  cake you encounter brilliant bursts of pineapple flavour.

Tuck this recipe for HUMMINGBIRD CAKE into your apron pocket.  It’s the perfect cake for the cottage.  It’s large enough for big family gatherings.  And best of all its wonderful goodness  stays fresh for the several days.

MRS.BUTTERFINGERS has the new, improved and slightly changed recipe.


8 thoughts on “HUMMINGBIRD CAKE . . . hums to a new tune.

  1. Virginia, I simply do not know why I have not made this cake before from your recipe. I have it in a friend’s cookbook too but never made it. Perhaps I have needed to wait for your revised recipe! I will print it out this time and make it one day soon. It seems to be just right for warm weather and I saw my first hummingbird last week so perhaps it is a sign. I hope all is well with you and that spring has come your way. I have planted herbs in pots on the patio so I am ready and have two barrels of rainwater.

    • My Dear Jo Nell, If we had rain barrels all two thousand would be filled. We a few weeks behind here. Seven days with nothing but rain. Ahh then a few hours of sun – and rain again. It is cruel and unusual but we are not flooding. The cool weather has kept the daffodils blooming. The sides of the ditches on are country road are lined with the yellow beauties. We are grateful for each day regardless of the weather. I do hope you whip up the Hmmmm cake. There is an extravagant amount of cream cheese icing. I have been known to half the recipe but I wasn’t very popular with that “slimming technique”. XXXOOO Virginia

  2. Sounds delicious, Virginia. We had several inches of snow this morning, but it all melted away by early afternoon, thankfully. Hopefully all the daffodils and other spring flowers will survive.


    • We all seem to be dealing with unusual weather, Janet. Here it is all about rain. Rain, Rain, Rain. Heavy gray skies. The ground is sodden and we can’t do any gardening. BUT, we shouldn’t complain. There is such terrible weather everywhere.

  3. Oh, my goodness, Virginia. Three layers?! The cream cheese icing also looks amazing. Love the name of the cake, too. I’m off now to tuck the recipe in my ratty-tatty vintage lemon-colored apron! Theadora

    • A vintage lemon-coloured apron – how sweet and wonderful, Miss T. Years ago I bought a lake cottage, with all the contents. The owner had never returned to the cottage after her son was killed in World War Two. It had stood empty since the early l940’s. Her pinafore apron still hanging by the wood burning kitchen stove. Recently a senior’s home in our village created an old style kitchen for Alzheimer patients. I scoured fabric stores and found enough vintage looking material to make a dozen pinafore aprons for the residents. Meanwhile the original apron has a place of honour in my kitchen. XXXOOO Virginia

  4. And only two mixing bowls to make dirty, Resa. This is a wonderfully flexible recipe. Bake it in two layers or three. Make it into cupcakes or a sheet cake. Dust it with a little icing sugar, or load with the outrageous cream cheese icing. Life is wonderful with a hummingbird cake. XXXOOO Virginia

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