One has a rather small window to make this classic French dessert.     It’s a bit of a waiting game.  First you wait patiently for the first of the dark, sweet cherries to make their grand appearance.    I shop almost daily in our lovely, quiet and delightfully old-fashioned village.  We have a wonderful locally owned  grocery store in Ladner.  JARRY’S feature local and regional products.       I have been buying shiny, ruby red cherries every day for a week or so, and today the cherries were deeply rich and sweetly ripe.   This is where the waiting and tasting game pays off.  The cherries are perfect for  clafouti.

Clafuti is a crepe like batter poured over cherries and baked in a very hot oven.  There are many recipes for this seasonal dessert and they are all variations of melted butter, flour (not much) a bit of sugar, several eggs , milk and ripe, plump cherries.   It is traditional to leave the pits in the cherries.  It adds to the flavour of the clafouti.    Just  remind your guests about the pits.

This very, very French dessert is easy to whip up and pop into the oven about two hours before you want to serve it.   At the last minute I dust it with a little icing sugar.  You can serve it warm or cool.

The recipe  for  CHERRY CLAFOUTI  awaits you in MRS.BUTTERFINGER’S kitchen.  Bon Appetit dear friends.





  1. You could make something amazing out of anything – food or fashion! How wonderful to be able to shop in a small village at a store that carried local! I have been seeing cherries in my local chain but not have ventured to buy any. Your dark ones are probably so much better! Cheers!

    • Dear Miss Jo Nell, The cherries are Bing cherries from the Okanagan Valley, a beautiful fruit growing area about a four hour drive West of us. The area is also well known for their wines – it is much like the Napa Valley. We are so fortunate to have such an abundance of local produce, flowers, and wine so easily available to us. I love that our local grocery store, Jarry’s, identifies the farms where the vegetables are grown. Several of them are just down the road from us. XXX Virginia

    • The biggest challenge is ensuring you have cherries for your clafouti. Cherries are like peanuts. You can’t eat just one. Whether you eat them by the handful, or pop them into this cake cherries are delicious. Cheers Virginia

  2. My new stove has an enormous oven, with an equally enormous window. It is like watching TV when you tuck you clafouti into the oven and then linger to watch it puff up with joy and goodness. Always Bon Appetit !

  3. Clafouti is on the menu this evening. I found the last of the season’s cherries in the market at the bottom of the street of my “little house in Paris”. Theadora arrived with stacks of vintage fashion books she discovered trolling the flea markets early this morning. Red shoes click their way up the stone staircase. Resa is here.

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