THE JEWELED FRUIT TARTS OF PARIS . . . Caramelized Plum Tart

caramelized plum tart

It is at this time of year when the days shorten and dusk creeps quietly into our lives.  When we put away the warm whispers of summer.  When we scuff through fallen leaves removing the silver dust of Paris.  This is my favorite season in the city of light.

 It is at this time of year I return to my little house in Paris to pack away the summer memories.  To take down the linen  curtains that dance at my windows and replace them with  enveloping rich dark green velvet.  To cover the stone pavers of my kitchen floor with a faded and warm carpet.

And it is this time of year, market basket under my arm, I raise very early and head for the markets.   I am abroad even before the street cleaners.  Searching for the last stoned fruit of the season to make just one last plum tart.

The Paris pastry shops beguile us with dazzling displays of fruit tarts.  They are perfectly imperfect with simply arranged seasonal fresh fruits made even more irresistible with sugar-studded , heavily caramelized, crunchy rims.   This is pie perfection!  Honest pies that promise you everything and deliver.   My alter ego happily shares her dreams of Paris and her recipes with you.  Bon Appetit, dear friends.   MRS BUTTERFINGERS

10 thoughts on “THE JEWELED FRUIT TARTS OF PARIS . . . Caramelized Plum Tart

    • Ambrosia apples dear Theadora. It’s crisp and sweet at the same time and holds its shape for a tart like this. I am shameless when it comes to making old fashioned apple pie. My crust is flour and lard (from our own pig). I use several different kinds of apples – anything but MacIntosh. I let the apples, sugar and cinnamon rest in a bowl while I make the crust. When I bake the pie this eliminates the space often left between the apple filling and the crust. We are so very fortunate to live in an apple growing region. There is always bins filled to almost over-flowing with every kind of apple and always just $1 a pound. XXXX Virginia

    • I think there’s an old fashioned apple pie baking in Theadora’s kitchen. We must pop in for tea. It would be a lovely way to end the week-end, Jo Nell. XXXX Virginia

    • It is my joy to share the pleasures of this fantasy retreat in my favorite city. Good food, good friends and definitely a good bottle of wine make for a wonderful evening. XXX Virginia

  1. OH MY! Yum! This is the best autumn post, ever!
    I fear Plum Tarts are out of the question here, now. However, I froze a lot of peaches this summer,and I will be baking peach pies!
    So, it appears you are co-hosting the latest Art Gowns post. It’s lots of fun, and thank you! XOXOXO

    • Your Art Gown event eclipsed Paris. I was thrilled beyond belief to participate, dear Resa. What a magical night. I am still walking on cloud nine, along with the chicklets!. What a thrill. By the by. Frozen peaches work in the Plum Tart recipe as long as they are not too ripe and juicy. Hugs and kisses Virginia.

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