KATE’S CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE – Elegantly simplicity.


Away way back in time coffee cake was a simple treat.    It was an uncomplicated cake.  The ingredients were always at hand.  It went together quickly .  The delicious aroma of the baking cake filled your kitchen.  It was warm and welcoming  hospitality on a plate.   One made coffee cake to be enjoyed with coffee or tea and dear friends   It was elegant simplicity.  

Then we add sour cream and blueberries, buttermilk and cranberries, rhubarb and apples.  Coffee cake became a production.  It lingered long in the oven and frequently longer cooling .   It was definitely not something you whipped up on the spur of the moment.This recipe for CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE  goes back to the late Fifties.  It is a doodle to whip up.  Presents beautifully.  And tastes decadently divine.    I have probably made it over seven hundred times  and last week I made it for my  friend Kate.   It was received with so much enthusiasm and appreciation  I renamed it  KATE’S COFFEE CAKE.    Kate is a remarkable woman in a demanding profession.  She was  ships bridge officer on luxury cruise ships for years and now continues her relationship with marine transportation at  SeaSpan here on the west coast.     This recipe is perfect for Kate.   She loves baking but has little time to shop for exotic ingredients  or spend hours in the kitchen.

The recipe came with a bag of Robin Hood Flour and it is simplicity personified.  Flour sugar salt and baking powder mixed with butter.  An egg whipped into milk.  A quick and gentle stir and into the pan and  a little brown sugar butter and cinnamon sprinkled over the top.   This sweet little coffee cake goes together quickly so be sure to turn your oven on before you start your recipe.  The recipe awaits you in MRS.BUTTERFINGERS.


13 thoughts on “KATE’S CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE – Elegantly simplicity.

    • Isn’t that just the best way to cook eggs, Janet! I’ve cooked eggs just a few hours old, and the shells came away perfectly. Eggs this fresh are incredibly delicious and there is absolutely no unpleasant sulfur smell. You will love the simplicity of this recipe. I frequently make double the flour butter mixture and freeze half. A real time saver. Bon Appetit, Virginia

  1. One cannot go wrong with a simple coffee cake and is good any time of the day. I think I have a similar one you posted or it may be the same with a new name, but I have made it many times. I will have to check and compare. I probably called it Virginia’s coffee cake! But cheers for Kate’s Coffee Cake too. Nice to find your post and hope you are doing well.

    • Well spotted Jo Nell. I did post the cinnamon coffee cake a few years ago. The same recipe but double the size. After going back and forth making first the small cake then the larger I decided the smaller version is better. Perhaps it is just friendlier. One feels comfortable whipping the cake up even if it is just for two friends to enjoy.
      I am doing quite well Jo Nell. I hope you are keeping fine. XXXX Virginia

  2. Amazing! I love simple recipes, and I know I can make this. Okay, it might not be as easy as cinnamon toast, but I’m sure it is way more fabulous. Hooray for Kate! If not for her, I might not have this recipe.
    I adore that the original recipe was with a bag of Robin Hood flour. I still use Robin Hood flour, and the recipe for pie crust that comes with a box of Crisco vegetable shortening. ❦❦❦

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