When I wrap my Christmas gifts I l make the tags truly personal.  Sometimes it is a hint regarding the contents.  Or suggestions for clever uses for the gift.   The best ones require the recipient to guess the contents with the clues you’ve written on the tag.    Commercial gifts barely give you room to write “to and from plus names”.  Where is the fun in that?


My solution is shipping tags.  You can buy small bundles at craft stores or a lovely big container of them from an office supply store.


Now the fun begins.  Leave them plain or give them a vintage look with a damp tea bag.  I have a lovely big stamp that looked like a letter written in French.   I used it for the background.   You could use snowflakes, floral or leaf designs or simply leave them plain.  Add cut-outs from old Christmas cards or magazines.  Spread a little white glue in appropriate places and sprinkle it with sparkle powder.  Now write away to your little heart’s content.


Every year I enjoy having a different gift wrapping theme.   I’ve draped the base of the tree with rich dark green velvet.  The gifts are wrapped with simple brown wrapping paper (very brown paper packages wrapped up with string), then tied with green velvet ribbon.  It’s all very simple and very “home made”.  For me it is all about taking some of the commercial aspect out of the season and making your gifts very, very personal.

Unlike many gift wrapping paper (tissue paper, metallic paper) is completely recyclable.   I even recycle the velvet ribbon .  Rolled around cardboard tubes it’s tucked away to use throughout the year.  I grew up with mantra “waste not want not”.  The word recycle did not exist, but one simply didn’t just throw out something that could be put to  use.

Now I’m off to nibble on short-bread cookies and sip some smoky Earl Gray tea.   Enjoy!



    • I so enjoy the rituals and preparations for Christmas, Tinny. B Our Mom and Dad worked hard to give us a fairy tale Christmas and this was during the tail end of the depression. Those happy memories are my inspiration. Enormous holiday hugs to you and Emil. XX OO

  1. Oh, I try to have a theme with my wrapping but yours is so clever. I like the idea of using brown paper and then adding the Christmas colors. One year I used brown paper and bright yellow ribbon. I am inspired for next year! This year is traditional red and green with commercial wrapping.

    • The Christmas card idea was what I started out to do, then I discovered I had no idea where the old Christmas cards had been stashed. Found them too late to use this year, but hopefully I will remember to store them in an easily found location.

    • I was late to the dance dreaming up my tags this year, Gayle. Then I found a book on Victorian Christmas at my village Thrift Shoop. Tons of illustrations just the right size and I was in business. I have so much fun. It is like playing with paper dolls again.

  2. I’ve got my brown paper, magazines, old ribbons and fabric scraps out and ready. Now, I’ve got a bundle of tags to dig up in my work storage!
    Merry Christmas, Virginia! You are the best. ….. Red robe???

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