THE MANNEQUIN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY . . . a fairy tale for all sewers and unorthadox fashion mavens

  • Fairy tales are wonderful to tell and retell, especially at this time of year.  It seems now more than ever the world needs to believe in magic.   I have a mannequin I call Muriel.  She has been my alto ego for over fifty years.  We are very close.  I whisper secrets to her.  I regale her with stories as I  sew  my way through life.  And so the story begins:

The heavy cream parchment envelope was addressed  to  Muriel the Mannequin.

It hung from a scarlet  silk ribbon tied to the atelier  room door.

“You appear to have mail, Muriel.”  I said with great excitement.

” Would you like me to open it for you?”  I asked my mannequin.    Muriel really didn’t receive much mail.

Muriel has been my close companion as I have threaded needles and  welded my flashing silver scissors cutting out classic suits, little black dresses, evening gowns and once a wedding dress.   She has stood  uncomplainingly  as I have pinned fabric,  draped ruffles and adjusted collars and hems on her patient form.

“It’s your invitation to the annual mannequin’s holiday party. ”  I read when I opened the envelope.

“Miss Virginia, this year I must be  outrageously gorgeous.    May I carry the sparkling purse The Tin Man sent from The Emerald city?”


“Of course, darling Muriel.  I am sure Tinny would want you to look outrageously beautiful.”

“And your feather boa.  I ‘ll fling it over my shoulders and it will drift around me when I dance?”


“Dear Muriel the feather boa is absolutely you.” I exclaimed.  ” It’s very flirty and more than a touch romantic.”

“I want to sparkle like the stars in the winter sky.  Do you think  your crystal necklace  would light up my night?”


“The crystals will shimmer and shine and light up the night.” I replied.

“Last week when you were visiting your little house in Paris you brought me back a  red silk rose.  I would like to wear that too.”


From deep within my closet of happy memories I took out a scarlet silk tunic I had worn  to a Diwali party and buttoned  it on her.  Again I reached into my closet for a sapphire silk jacket.  You can never have too much silk or two many jewel like colours when you dress outrageously beautiful.  I draped the jacket over her shoulders.  Adjusted the feather boa and pinned the single rose to my sweet Muriel.

“You are ready for your party, Muriel.”


Muriel twirled and danced around the room.  The feather boa floated.  The crystal necklace sparkled.  The Tin Man’s purse glittered.  She was outrageously beautiful.

“Miss Virginia, do you this is all too much?”

“No my wondrous Muriel.  You look perfect!”





14 thoughts on “THE MANNEQUIN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY . . . a fairy tale for all sewers and unorthadox fashion mavens

  1. Oh dear, I hope my mannequin Talula doesn’t get wind of this party–she’s adores excess and begs to travel at the least whiff of an invitation. But alas, she might not be able to live up to Muriel’s high fashion standards!

    • Don’t tell anyone, Jo Nell – but Muriel is wearing Spanx. I found it easier to pin things to the Spanx rather than the fabric that covered her form. I told her she looked very svelte and now the girl refuse to take it off. She is just a trifle vain and even when I am not persecuting her with pins she likes to wear something wonderful. XX Virginia

  2. Muriel floated delicately into the party, catching the eye of every mannequin. Muriel well knew how the mannequins liked to gossip about who wore what, and what wore who.
    Rusty and tattered, but in her best bib and tucker from the 19th century, “Old Judy” held court with the rest of the best dressed near the vintage crystal punch bowl.
    Tradition from this special party was: Old Judy would create the ” Five Most Outrageously Beautiful” list . The next morning all mannequin social media would be on fire with the news.
    As Muriel passed by Old Judy, Old Judy knew that Muriel would be number one.
    ⭐ wonderful Virginia, xoxoxo ⭐

  3. Oh, I completely agree, Virginia and Muriel. You can never have too much silk, feathers, faux fur, or when you dress outrageously beautiful. And YES. The jewel like colours really pop. How was the shindig, dear Muriel? Do tell. (I’m also a fan of Spanx. The company now offers sparkly tulle garb for the arms. Brilliant, really. Keeps the arms stylish and warm.)

    Big hugs,

    • Muriel sashayed home in the early hours. Her dancing slippers worn threw with happiness. Tulle to delicately swath ones arms. How perfect, Miss Theadora.
      Enormous hugs back

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