This is the time of year when we believe in magic.    We sing about a  snowman who dances  and a reindeer whose red nose  saves Christmas.    We read fairy tales to our children and watch “once upon a time” movies.

I write about a gentleman rabbit called Oswald.    I came upon him quite unexpectedly in my garden.   He was enjoying sun and taking pleasure in the day.  I apologized for disturbing his peaceful moment and turned to walk away.    He raised a paw to stay me.  Introduced himself and told me this story.

Rabbits have the stewardship of all growing things .  This is an enormous responsibility for the rabbits.  It was made especially difficult  for many refused to believe our planet was in grave danger.    And that is how the tales  of Oswald began.    The story of Oswald’s celebration of the winter solstice has been told before, but like all good fairy takes it is lovely to revisit.




    • Dear Gale, Last Sunday we were visited by friends with three little girls. Seven, six. and five years old. old, From the city., They were thrilled to pieces when they spotted two young rabbits venturing on to the patio. And beside themselves when one of the rabbits stood up and peered through the glass door. They sat spellbound as I related the story of how I met Oswald. All about his magic coat and the party for the rabbits. Then I showed him the photograph of Oswald on this blog. We have thee little girls who absolutely believe in magic. The best Christmas present I could possibly receive. Much holiday cheer to you and your family. XXX Virginia

    • Dearest Jo Nell, We all need a little magic in our lives. It seems now more than ever. It will be a quiet Christmas here on the Farm. The big dinner, featuring “such a turkey” will be at our son’s house. Bless his soul, he is making things easier for me, and he loves cooking. A very very Merry Christmas and the best for the new year to you and your loved ones. Big hugs and Love. Virginia

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