THE PROCRASTINATORS FRUITCAKE LOAF . . . make it, bake it and enjoy it the same day.

Procrastinating fruitcake lovers  do not despair.  All is not lost if you didn’t have time for the ritual baking of Christmas cakes back in October.   This quick FRUITCAKE LOAF can be whipped up in the morning and enjoyed with afternoon coffee the same day.    It’s wonderful, spicy fragrance fills your home with an aroma that is pure Christmas.   It slices beautifully and the beguiling perfume of allspice, cloves and nutmeg is perfection itself.

The ingredients are simply guidelines.  The recipe calls for candied mixed peel and dried fruit.  Your pantry has dried figs and lemon and orange peel.  Use what you have.  Pecans, slivered almonds and chopped pistachios replace chopped walnuts.   It will all taste like Christmas.  The brandy decanter is empty then substitute sherry or perhaps an exotic liqueur.  The recipe is so forgiving.

There is so much frantic pressure surrounding the Christmas season.   We need to be calm and take a step back.  Enjoy our family.  Glory in the season.  This fruitcake loaf is more than the sum total of its parts.  Its very simplicity gives one a chance to take a breath and enjoy the simple act of preparing food for those we love.

The recipe for QUICK FRUITCAKE LOAF awaits you in MRSBUTTERFINGERS kitchen.

Merry Christmas dear friends.   XXX Virginia





5 thoughts on “THE PROCRASTINATORS FRUITCAKE LOAF . . . make it, bake it and enjoy it the same day.

  1. Oh, I am saved, Virginia! My mother’s recipe has been lost and the others I have tried make 2-3 loafs and must be made weeks before Christmas. I just wanted something small. This one sounds perfect so I have printed it up. Thanks for the Christmas present that would be good for the New Year.

    • Jo Nell, I am certain I was thinking of you when I baked this fruitcake loaf! The kitchen smelled like Christmas, and I thought FINALLY my house really has the fragrance of Christmas. AND two days before Christmas eve. Most important NO STRESS. This is the cake that saved Christmas. I mixed up the fruit the night before. I rummaged through my pantry for bits and bobs of left-over dried fruit and peel left over from a bout of pannetone baking. The brandy decanter was basically empty so I doused the fruit with sherry. It worked beautiful. Then I poured a glass of sherry for myself. All was calm and bright when the fruitcake loaf when in the oven, The very very best part was slicing it last night and serving as a late evening treat to my family. IT IS DELICIOUS. I am love with the cake. I shall be thinking of you far away in Texas baking your little heart out. Merry Christmas my dear Jo Nell and an absolutely splendid New Year. XXX Virginia

  2. Ah, Virginia, I was remiss this past holiday season.
    Family changes are the reason, mostly. However, I’m popping back!
    Also, I did a special art project with my Art Gowns. It sucked up oodles of time. I entered the following into an art gallery show.
    I had some Art Gown pics printed on canvas, then over painted them with iridescent acrylic paints. Photos were taken, and a presentation prepared and submitted. The deadline was Dec. 10. Everything was a scramble after that. I should hear something back in a week or 2.
    I adore fruit cake! I have made quick fruit cakes, but need to explore your recipe in more detail.

    • Dearest Resa, I love hearing about your busy life and your beautiful gowns. Your art project would be spectacular. You are an extraordinarily talented woman! I’m not a big fan of “making” fruit cake – tooo much work. But I do like to nibble on it. It is just a few weeks past Christmas and I am already rooting in the baking cupboard to see what I can cobble together to make another fruit cake. It is a cake with a positive attitude. It accepts changes graciously – any kind of dried fruit etc. I am especially found of the combination of spices. Guess I really like this fruit cake. My very good wishes for a healthy, happy and successful New Year for you and all you love. It gives me much pleasure and happiness to have you in my life. XXXOOO Virginia

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