THE TRAGIC TALE OF THE EASTER TULIPS . . . a tale for lovers of rabbits and chocolate

This morning I went out to  my fence garden.  Last autumn I planted dozens of tulips.      I envisioned a glorious mass of breath taking colour.  Magnificent tulips swaying elegantly against a weathered fence.  Instead I was presented with damp, black earth scattered with the guillotined heads of tulips.    At first I thought the high wind of the previous evening was the culprit.    In a Holmes like manner I examined the scene of the heinous crime.  Rabbit prints.  Rabbit paws.  Small rabbit paws.

“I’ll catch those maundering rascals.  And I’ll do what I always do with rabbits.  I’ll nibble their ears off.    I am so angry”, I muttered under my breath.

As I stamped off I heard a quiet clearing of throat. “Excuse me”.  I turned to see Oswald, gentleman rabbit.  “You have planted a garden dangerously close to our burrow.    And you know how rabbits like to taste everything, at least once. Chewing a bunnies ears seems a bit excessive”, he quietly pointed out.  “How else are they going to learn about this wonderful, green, growing world we live in”.  I had made a rather vocal faux pas .  Now I must confess to Oswald my guilty pleasure.  I do indeed enjoy  nibbling rabbit ears.

“Oswald, dear Oswald.  I would never nibble off bunny ears. If I have to choose between flowers and rabbits I would choose rabbits every time.    When my children were young I always made sure their Easter baskets were filled with the finest of chocolate bunnies.  Bunnies made from the very best Belgian chocolate.  Bunnies with very big, solid ears.  And my children obliged me by sharing their chocolate bunny ears with me.”

My secret was out.  I was a closet eater of chocolate rabbit ears.  Tomorrow I would go to Jarry’s Market in the sweet little village of Ladner.  I would buy an armful of tulips, and perhaps a chocolate rabbit or two.   Than off to the hardware store for the makings of a rabbit proof fence.




6 thoughts on “THE TRAGIC TALE OF THE EASTER TULIPS . . . a tale for lovers of rabbits and chocolate

  1. Oh, how I know the frustration of tulip nibblers…and the joy of chocolate nibblers! The only answer I’ve found is unattractive but effective–rabbit fencing. Maybe next year, eh?

  2. Oh, you are a kind person, Virginia! Too bad you planted your tulips in the wrong place though. May you find the perfect tulips and chocolates and enjoy and nibble without guilt! Happy Easter to you! Hugs!

    • My very dear Jo Nell, It was my pleasure to chat with my Oswald Rabbit. I have been neglecting him terrible. The other day I saw a movement at our family room patio doors. Oswald was standing up paws pressed against the glass. He was looking into the room – with great interest. I had removed a large, dark armoire from the room and replaced it with a lovely bright mirror. I realized Oswald could see himself in the mirror. I believe he approved of my decorating change. All good wishes for a Happy Easter to you and all you love. Virginia

  3. It is true that we of course choose rabbits over tulips or in my case deer over veggies but it is seriously frustrating. Perhaps we can have both. A new fence for half the yard worked for me. Now the deer roam half the property and I have a safe place for fruit and vegetables…unless you count the raccoons, otters , squirrels and birds. Just happy to live in a place where they thrive. 😉

  4. OMG!!! I eat the ears, too. First things first! There’s nothing like a delicious chocolate rabbit ear.
    Dear Virginia, we are alike in many ways! XOXOXOXO

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