Early morning.  Five o’clock.  I am alone in a small room.    I stare at the wall facing my bed.    Chipped and battered from beds being pushed in and out.  The only decoration a faded cork board and a sign advising one how to wash your hands. Nothing beautiful to look at.  Nothing to bring me up from the black abyss.  I am alone with various tubes attached to my body.  I  weep tears of utter despair. A few years ago my breast cancer returned.  The first encounter I had a right breast lumpectomy.  This time a mastectomy in the other breast.     I am alone.    Feeling so sorry for myself when my nurse enters my room with a gift  wrapped package.  Pillows!  Soft, comfortable pillows covered in a happy flowered pattern.  Pillows to give me under the arm and breast protection.    In that moment the sun came out.

I’m smiling.  I’m not alone.

The package contained  pillows hand sewn by a group of woman who are members of the Delta Hospital Auxiliary.   The hospital is located in Ladner, British Columbia.   They are post-operative pillows tailored for post mastectomy surgery.    The pillows are a gift from the Delta Hospital Auxiliary.    These amazing women known as THE PILLOW PALS  cut, sew, stuff and package these pillows.  A thoughtful card with encouraging words are enclosed with the pillows.

I am giving back.

I am a proud member of the Delta Hospital Auxiliary.   I search for wonderful fabrics to be sewn into pillows by dedicated woman known with great affection as THE PILLOW PALS.

I am giving back.






16 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF GIVING BACK

  1. Oh, Virginia, the fabric of this pillow is so you! How wonderful for you to give back in such a beautiful way. One never knows what that little bit of beauty will do for a patient. I can imagine your pillows being special as you scour shops for that just right fabrics and looking as if they came straight from Paris! Giving back is good for the soul. Kudos to you and The Pillow Pals!

    I hope you are doing well. All ok here. Hugs and love!

    • Dearest Jo Nell. It is so good to here from you and know that all is well with you. Thank you for your good words about our auxiliary volunteers, It is 90% women, and it is because of their work we continue to have one of the finest, and best equipped hospital in the Lower Mainland. XXXOOO Virginia

    • So far all is well. I still have six month check-ups and yearly mammograms, but I am quite hopeful that I am done with the beast. Thank you for your good worlds. Cheers, Virginia.

    • This has been a most appreciated project. The Auxiliary receive many grateful letters from women who received the gift of the pillows. Thank you, dear girl, for your kind thoughts. Cheers Virginia

  2. I’ve been there…in that recovery room, full of fear and despair. There was no pillow but there was a Buddhist saying on the bulletin board and I clung to that. Pillows are a wonderful idea! You are indeed giving back…in all you do.

    • Dear Gayle, None of this is very pleasant for any of us. I thought morning would never come so I could leave that room. And then the gift of that pillow. I shall never forget it. XXXOOO Virginia

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