JAPANESE TREE PEONIES – the brightest star in the garden

Once upon a time (all good stories begin with once upon a time)  many centuries ago a delicate tree grew in China.

The flowers on this tree were so magnificent, so unusual only the Emperor of China was allowed to possess a tree peony.

These  tree peonies would live up to one hundred years, but  they could never be moved for they would die.

Beauty such as this could not be held captive by one man.

In the eighth century the royal court of China shared these blossoms with Japan.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “if the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel and stare”.

Truly the Japanese Tree Peony is the star in this garden.    Blossoms,  heavy with fragrance and the size of dinner plate, fill one with rapturous, delirious delight.

One can only stand

and stare

and marvel.


15 thoughts on “JAPANESE TREE PEONIES – the brightest star in the garden

    • Joan, someone told me they take ages to grow and are very difficult and so on and so on. Then I discovered the secret. You buy them already well on their way – from the nursery. Here, on The Lower Mainland you can buy a three or four year old tree peony for $40. V.

    • It is had to believe Gayle. SNOW .. and it is almost May. This has been a particularly wet winter here on the lower mainland, but warm – consequently everything is coming up lush and gorgeous. The lawns are like deep rich green velvet. It is a paradise for gardeners and flower lovers. V.

    • The sharing started with my daughter. These are in her garden. She was a Master Gardener and just one credit away from a degree in horticulture. She guided me through garden plans with such good advice. The best – when she said ” take down the fence protecting your flowers from the rabbits”. They are more important to you than the flowers. XXOo V

    • Dearest Miss Theadora, I took the photographs a few years ago in my son-in-law’s garden in Toronto. Every spring when the first peonies bloom I receive photographs of these amazing peony. I was absolutely dazzled by it. XXX OOO Virginia

    • Dearest Olivia, Our garden flowers give us so much joy. I hope your garden is filled with joyful flowers. We can compare flowers and fashions the end of August. See you then. XXXOOO Virginia

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